KLEX is invited by the 6th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival to present a special program featuring KLEX works selected from Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong on 5 February 2012 at the Bangkok Art & Culture Center.

Please check it out if you’re in town!

For more information: http://beffbeff.com/beff-programmes/beff6-presents/

KLEX Program @ BEFF6:

1.      Alison Khor “When the Time Without My Memories” (Malaysia, 4:55 min)

2.      Chris Chong Chan Fui “KOLAM” (Malaysia, 12:40 min)

3.      Kok Kai Foong “PERHAPS” (Malaysia, 8:50 mins)

4.      Au Sow Yee “PASSING II” (Malaysia, 6:30 min)

5.      Chan Seauhuvi “The Butterfly“ (Malaysia, 0:35 seconds)

6.      Kok Siew Wai “Morning” (Malaysia, 3:50 mins)

7.      Akiko Nakamura “Sky Don’t Fall” (Japan, 3:11 mins)

8.      Katsuyuki Hattori “iso” (Japan, 3:11 mins)

9.      Yousuke Sano “Making of Tokyo” (Japan, 3:11 mins)

10.  Choi Sai Ho, “STAR (alternative version)” (Hong Kong, 8:00 mins)

11.  Kamal Sabran “Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip” (Under the Twinkling Star) (Malaysia, 3:30 mins)

12.  Koji Tambata “Whiteness In Darkness” (Japan/Thailand, 8:00 mins)

13.  Chew Win Chen “FLOW” (Malaysia, 3:00 mins)

(Total Run Time: 70+ minutes)