• Total Run Time: 78 minutes

UNTITLED 016 (2014)

00:58 min/silent
Matt Abbiss, UK

“Untitled 016” is part of a series of untitled and largely abstract, digitally drawn animations. Created spontaneously, they are primarily concerned with being visually interesting documents of the artist’s attention span, although inevitably certain themes and motifs emerge.


3:42 min/sound
Madi Piller, Canada

Biomorphic shapes at play in this film reiterate and expose the persistence of vision, frame flickering and illusions. The images have been collected over the last 10 years, constructed from mushroom spore prints, directly printed on to 35mm film, then optically printed in black and white. Ultimately, the prints were colored by hand painting on the film material.


1:36 min/sound
Ignacio Tamarit, Argentina

This short film is created in a similar manner like an architect constructing a building. The filmmaker splicing small blocks of frames, one by one, colliding with one another to create new images.


6:20 min/sound
Michele Manzini, Italy

The Pythagorean concept that supreme beauty is “consonance and harmony” is a recurring theme in Plato’s Philebus, presented as the order of the world and featured in the portions of the work that discuss the world. In the modern era, when tensions and contradictions become so bitter and extreme as to threaten the destiny of humankind, the concept of beauty reappears as an idea that makes differences visible without destroying them. It is at this point that the enigma of beauty is unveiled, revealing its complex, paradoxical and contradictory nature.


3:41 min/sound
Hiyas Baldemor Bagabaldo, Philippines

This work is an experimental film about the pressure of conforming to the society. Accustomed to the standards, people are throwing judgment and prejudice against each other that squeeze them much harder towards the invisible walls. Hypocrisy is celebrated and there’s no room for moving and no space for breathing. Human senses may be the roots of all sins, but these senses are also the foundation of life.


8:00 min/sound
Christos & Alex Hatjoullis, UK

Sophie’s Story was developed from an edited interview with Sophie Morgan, a reformed crack cocaine addict. The film set out to explore addiction from a user’s perspective and explore the social and background factors involved in dependency. It describes an often disjointed and surreal journey from a background of domestic abuse and troubled adolescence into adulthood and having a family and examines what constitutes the catalyst for change along an incredible life journey.


6:00 min/sound
Olga Guse, Germany

Throughout his life, a man has three basic feelings: fear, pride and passion. A stop motion animation of a man going through his life journey in these different stages.


1:58 min/sound
Flakorojas, Venezuela

Where we place our faith, our hope? Who do we believe? Who do we trust? Who listens to us? Who do we deliver our love, our admiration? Crowning video art tries to reflect these uncertain conditions in which humans try to hold on to something that sustain us, in exasperation, idolatry, often going to the emotional and psychological limbo that keeps us helpless and numb.

(?)’S GAZE (2016)

4:48 min/silent
Chloe Yap Mun Ee, Malaysia

An attempt to create an intimate examination on the implications of gender roles and identity in a relationship. In order to understand the meaning of masculinity and femininity, dominance and submission, objectification, trust, and love; the couple tried letting go of all reservations and allow ourselves to truly be vulnerable with each other, hopefully in the process forget the existence of the camera. It is a test of shooting a film, and a test of exploring issues in a romantic relationship.


8:00 min/sound
Umi Ishihara, Japan

This work takes the form of a private home video, left unseen, which probes the relationship between love and suicide. Hinging upon Goethe’s seminal novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther, the artist’s monologue speaks of the events that transpired between my parents on their slow dance toward destruction. Communication can be painfully, heart-wrenchingly difficult, especially with those we love. When will our life end? When will our love end? To cope is to quietly confront the “impossibility of communication.”


8:12 min/sound
Trinh Ngoc Hai, Viet Nam

The filmmaker’s grandmother passed away when he finished filming a documentary of the family. In pain, the filmmaker questions himself the purpose of making films, recollecting the memories of films that he has made, carrying these bits of moments and trying to find an answer.


6:58 min/sound
Sim Hoi Ling, Malaysia

The narrator daydreams and murmurs about his feelings in everyday mundane life while travelling through different places, encountering different scenes. He is pondering if all that he sees and experiences are mere dreams? And so, what is real?


4:31 min/sound
Rina Kobayashi, Japan

An experimental home video documenting the routine of care taking of the artist’s grandmother who was suffering from lung cancer by her mother and aunt. Presenting a personal experience observing a close family member that is terminally ill, the artist expresses her concerns with health and family care for the elders.

FASHION (2016)

13:48 min/sound
Loong Wah, Malaysia

In the evening, a host at the Midnight Express Discotheque was about to welcome the quest to the discotheque where there will be an amazing cabaret show later on the night.