A spark could start a light, a fire, an electric current, an enthusiasm, or a relationship. It is the crucial moment when things ignite, take it on and simply “happen”. It could turn out to be no more than little sparkling lights, or it could turn into majestic fireworks. Just as you can’t clap with one hand only, it takes two (or more) to come into close contact to generate a spark. When they strike it up, something unexpected happens, something that couldn’t have existed without them coming together in the first place, exactly as when two tones with close fundamental frequencies are played simultaneously and our ears and brain produce what we call a “ghost tone”: a totally magical moment!

The curatorial team went through a total of 250 submissions from Malaysia and around the world, including Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, Viet Nam and more, where finally came out with 39 videos to share with you at KLEX 2016. These videos are curated into three KLEX Open Programme: GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD, THE PURSUIT OF STORY, and RHYTHM OF LIFE.

Open Programme I: Go Away Sorrow of the World

Open Programme II: The Pursuit of Story

Open Programme III: Rhythm of Life