• Total Run Time: 85 minutes

Untitled 014 (2014)

1:10 min/sound
Matt Abbiss, UK

Untitled 014 is part of a series of untitled and largely abstract, digitally drawn animations. Created spontaneously, they are primarily concerned with being visually interesting documents of the artist’s attention span, although inevitably certain themes and motifs emerge.

POEM (2015)

3:45 min/sound
Dan Browne, Canada

An ode to my daily environment, and the presences of two beings – one newly arrived, the other recently departed inspired by a previously unpublished text piece by Michael Snow. Images cycle and combine into dream-like passages that reveal the infinite potentials of sight within the finitude of everyday objects.


3:00 min/sound
Stefano Schirru, Italy

A free adaptation of C. G. Jung’s Synchronicity – An Acausal Connecting Principle. You take three matchboxes, put 1,000 black ants in the first, 10,000 in the second and 50 in the third, together with one red ant in each, shut the boxes, and bore a hole in each of them, small enough to allow only one ant to crawl through at a time. What will come out first?


7:55 min/sound
Ade Nuriadin, Indonesia

A boy with orange sandals is trying to escape from a man in boots. He just wants to play freely with his friends, he just wants to be like a small fish swimming freely in a pond. Then he thought freedom meaning can wear any shoes, or he is never free even wearing shoes.


14:00 min/sound
Cristina Picchi, Italy/Canada

A contemporary city symphony where floating memories blend with urban sounds and the natural elements, where tales of loss and love are mirrored by the demolition and construction of new buildings, where death and birth stand next to each other, like the darkest hour of the night and the first lights of the day, and the net of the streets holds tight all the possibilities that life might unfold.

CLASS (2016)

1:49 min/sound
Reza Golchin, Iran

This short film is a portrait of students in the mountain areas of Talesh city.


2:35 min/sound
Idzwan Arzmi, Malaysia

A dance video of body movements based on excerpts of songs in different styles from ballad to rock.


3:11 min/sound
Hyeran Kim, South Korea

A computer animation visualizes the movements residing in geometric forms. They are based on roudolf von laban’s space theory “choreutics” which defines the space of the motion as a variety of platonic solids. Such sounds that resonate through a space are of hammering, wood firing and in the process of making something.


6:00 min/sound
Eric Lee Ka Yin, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a stressful city. Not only adults but kids also need a way out, so they turn to mundane objects and happenings to find happiness and relieve. A little girl is indulged in her imagined little gymnastic companion that lightens up her daily life, but a childish fantasy is always fragile. And often, it is destroyed by adults’ dull and unimaginative minds.


9:26 min/sound
Ho Chun-Yu Nic, Hong Kong

This is a story about self-salvation. Having suffered from a miserable childhood, Shaun couldn’t help but question his own values. Human relationship has always been Shaun’s barrier. Sometimes, he wishes that he could stay alone. But in reality, Shaun has to make some effort getting out of his comfort zone and re-entering into the society. Is he able to do that?


10:00 min/sound
Fadhlin Sakina, Malaysia

After getting off, Sam, a 13 year old boy realized he had left his precious sketchbook on the bus. Anxious of losing the sketchbook, he ventures on a journey of unknown locations to pursue the bus. This tale is a journey of a young boy dealing with the grief of losing his mother at a young age.

2 RABBITS (2015)

9:18 min/sound
Kristina Frank & Mervi Kekarainen, Sweden

2 Rabbits makes a visit to the human civilization. The landscape with its trail of ruthless exploitation and destruction is surreal and magical. They are open to what they see and without condemning it seem as if they knew the complexity of life.


12:20 min/sound
Jon Lazam, Philippines

A travel account of a foreign witness to the early years of American rule in the Philippines is resurrected through the disembodied voice of a keen-eyed stranger in an imagined future. As the voice recounts with detached curiosity its engagement with the people who are “growing and dying in dull routine”, three narratives are spun. Based on age-old folklore, and blending actualities and artifice, these stories are about the spells the people have fallen under.