KLEX 2017 : Crossing Over

The KLEX Open Programmes feature experimental shorts selected from the international open call in early 2017. The theme of KLEX 2017 is “Crossing Over”. This year, we received about 200 submissions from various regions around the world, including Argentina, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Spain, UK, USA and Vietnam. The film curatorial team has selected 30 works to be screened in three different programmes at the festival, namely “Criss-Cross”, “Roads Re-routed” and “Colour Code Me Beautiful”.

“Crossing Over” is the journey from one point to another point. The mechanism of crossing-over can result in diversity or disintegration. The fear and risk of movement must be embraced. Whether you are crossing over, under or through, the process always takes from one place and moves it to another. Sometimes an unwilling hostage. Forcing one kind of expression to another. It is supposed to be uncomfortable and unexpected; but also organic and transformative. It is simply expressing its origins while becoming its future.

KLEX Open Programme I : Criss-Cross

KLEX Open Programme II: Roads Re-Routed

KLEX Open Programme III : Colour Code Me Beautiful