KLEX in “The Vision of Asia: AMNUA International Video Art Forum & Special Screening” @
Art Museum of Nanjing University of Art

亚洲视野 Poster        AMNUA Poster

KLEX presented screening programme “Home Portrait” and participated as invited guest panelist at the “The Vision of Asia: AMNUA International Video Art Forum & Special Screening”, at Art Museum of Nanjing University of Art in Nanjing, China from 17-20 December 2015.

Here is a write-up about the event from the director/curator, 郑闻 (Zheng Wen) in Chinese:

Programme Notes:

Home can mean a physical space to live, like a house, a bungalow or an apartment. Often, it is associated with one’s sense of ownership and possession of such a place. Especially in modern society, many spend tons of time and energy working very hard in order to physically own a house. This is partly caused by the social system that seems to suggest that owning a physical house is essential in a human’s life to fulfill the status quo. Especially in the developing countries, forests and agricultural lands have to give way to building new housing areas. In some places, these modern housing development projects are booming to the point of losing control without proper planning and considerations.

Psychologically, ‘home’ is related to people sharing the living space, and the memory of being with them. People who leave home for work or study feel especially nostalgic and home sick during fragile moments when loneliness engulfs them. At such time, there is always tremendous longing to the familiar faces, atmosphere and environment.

Home can be a state of mind. ‘Being at home’ refers to an internal state where one feels secure, natural and comfortable. There is nothing threatening and nothing to hide. One can just be true to oneself and others where the mind is completely at ease. However, is it always the case that we are the most comfortable and at ease being with the people that we are most familiar with? We cannot choose our birth place. It is a constant challenge living with people and a society that do not share the same values with us. How much, and how long can we bear to live in an undesirable, imperfect home? Some people decided to leave their familiar homes to pursue dreams, a better life and perhaps, a peace of mind.

Have you ever felt really ‘at home’ being in a foreign land, meeting like-minded strangers for the first time, that share common interests and values with you? How strong would one fight to protect a desired home, as dignity? Do we surrender to fate the situation of a certain living environment, or can we make independent decisions to choose, change and create our home and living place the way we want it? If ‘home’ is understood as a state of mind, then the attachment and the obsession to the physical place becomes secondary. If the mind can be ‘at home’, any place, any corner in the world, is a potential home.

This KLEX special programme features 8 short videos from Malaysia, Belgium, Indonesia and Thailand. The works are either produced by South East Asian artists, or made in the region by foreign artists. Participating filmmakers and video artists include Farhanaz Rupaidha, Jimmy Hendrickx, KOK Siew-Wai, LIM Chee-Yong, Winston LIEW Kher-Cheng, POW Lai-Xiang, Andrew Stiff and Wuttin Chansataboot.

 Curator: Kok Siew-Wai
Total Run Time: 60 minutes



LULAI (2014), LIM Chee-Yong (Malaysia), 6:30 min

LULAI is a video portrait of a group of Bajau Laut and Bajau Darat people from Mabul island, off the south-eastern coast of Sabah, East Malaysia. They have no nationality and are unremarkable from world population statistics.
LIM Chee-Yong graduated from New Era College in 2008, majoring in Drama and Visuals; and from the National Taiwan University of Art in 2013 in the Motion Picture Department. With the guidance from a few great teachers, Lim is introduced to the wonderful world of film and theater. For the past 6 years, Lim has involved in producing, directing and writing several short films, feature films, experimental films and documentary films.

LOTUS & ELEPHANT (2013), POW Lai-Xiang (Malaysia), 4:50 min

The lotus lives in the silt but not imbrued; Elephants, holy and noble. A couple of mother-son, wear gas masks in a barren land. The unknown future and fear in uncertainty is revealed. They wonder, where is the pure land on earth?

POW Lai-Xiang is a short filmmaker from Melaka, Malaysia. He graduated from the Cosmopoint Melaka Metro Campus.  Through the camera lens, Pow attempts to create a personal cinematic world.


24 GIRD LIVING IN HARMONY OF DUST AND HEAT (2014), Farhanaz Rupaidha (Indonesia), 5:00 mins

The artist was born and raised in Cikarang city. He has witnessed the change of his homeland, from an agrarian social structure into a modern society. Thousands of factories are built on the lands of Cikarang. Disorders appear, not just as a result of environmental contamination, but also through the pressure arising from the economical and social situations.

Farhanaz Rupaidha is a media artist from Indonesia, working with video, painting and photography. He graduated from the Jakarta State University, majoring in Fine Arts Education. Farhanaz has exhibited his artworks in Indonesia, Sweden, Japan, Spain, Italy and Malaysia. He was awarded the 3rd Prize Winner of Digital Solutions for the Smart City Contest, in Expo Milano 2015 in Milan, from the Academia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli and Intesa Sanpaolo.


KAMPUNG HAKKA (2014), Andrew Stiff (Malaysia/UK), 5:30 mins

 In 2013, a local developer started bulldozing a part of Mantin Town in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Within minutes local residents, spanning the Malay, Chinese and Indian community, gathered in a bid to stop the destruction of the heart of Mantin, an area called Kampung Hakka (Hakka Village) a traditional area built from wood that is over 100 years old. Kampung Hakka captures the spirit of the protest and the quality of the kampong that is still lived in – for now.

Andrew Stiff studied painting at the Chelsea School of Art in London, and gained his masters at the University of Liverpool in England where he explored his interest digital media and architecture. Alongside Andrew’s creative practice he is also the Deputy Dean of the School of Media art and Design, at Linton University College in Malaysia. Andrew’s research and creative practice is concerned with developing a visual language that explores the intricacies implicit in our built environment. The surface of this structure acts as a medium between the inhabitants and the city. The experience of the city is a temporal one, and he uses moving image to reflect this experience.


MUD GAME (2014), KOK Siew-Wai (Malaysia), 3:40 min

Kuala Lumpur has a high density of construction sites, especially in the city centre. One cannot drive more than 5km without seeing one of these sites. They have become part of the city landscape. In Mud Game, a playfulness emerges from this daily occurrence as development and chaos come together.

KOK Siew-Wai is a video artist, improvised vocalist and independent artist-organizer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She graduated from the University at Buffalo and Alfred University, and had lived in USA from 1998-2005. Siew-wai has shown her work and performed in festivals such as Singapore International Film Festival, Busan International Video Art Festival (Korea), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), Asian Meeting Festival (Japan), Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival and more. She’s currently teaching at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.


16 X 9 CAPSULE (2014), Wuttin Chansataboot (Thailand), 6:40 min

“16×9 Capsule” shows fragments of time and incidents taking place at particular locations around Bangkok. Camera observed different situations in various conditions, ranging from trivial moments in an ordinary day to crucial circumstances in political history of Thailand. Metaphorically, each place used as background in the video is defined as a receptacle of temporal matters, exploring a Buddhist concept saying that everything keeps rising, standing and cessation. They eternally and inevitably change. Only memory remains as an evidence of their existence.

Graduated from Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London in 2011. Wuttin Chansataboot is a Bangkok-based freelance director and media artist working across disciplines from filmmaking to multi-media installation. His short films had been shown at film festivals and art events internationally, including International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), Berlin International Directors Lounge (Germany), Kuala Lumpur Experimental film and Video Festival (Malaysia), Hamburg International Short Film Festival (Germany), International Festival Signes de Nuit  (Paris, France), KOSMA International Film Festival (South Korea), Videoart Center Tokyo (Japan), WNDX Festival of Moving Image (Winnipeg, Canada), ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival (Indonesia), Asian Film & Video Art Forum at MMCA (South Korea). As a part-time lecturer, he is currently teaching at School of Digital Media, Sripatum University. Alongside his creative practice and teaching job, he is doing a research as part of Ph.D. in Visual Art programme at Silpakorn University in Bangkok.



Winston LIEW Kher Cheng (Malaysia), 6:30 mins

In an abandoned place where a family calls it home, they are leaving a trace. As time passes by, a simple and gentle song of their life is heard.

Winston LIEW Kher-Cheng graduated from the Drama & Visuals Department at New Era University College in Malaysia. He involves in both filmmaking and theater productions. Winston’s films were shown in several local film competitions and festivals, including the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival (KLEX). Winson is currently a freelance videographer, video editor and theater production personnels.


SEMALU (2013), Jimmy Hendrickx (Belgium/Malaysia), 19:40 mins

Semalu means sensitive plant in Malay. The film is a cinematic portrait of the children of Cheras, a suburb in Kuala Lumpur, a place in the middle of a transition period of modernization. Between a noisy landscape of construction works we see the younger generations growing up. The ancestors of these children did not grow up here, they moved here to build a new future. 30 years ago, this territory was still jungle and swamp. Far away from the jungle this new urban area will be the kids’ new playground. Here they have to look after themselves and find spiritual meaning at a construction site.

Jimmy Hendrickx (Antwerp 1979/ Belgium), focuses mainly on the applied aspects of video art. In 2007 Jimmy became a lecturer at KASK School of Arts, where he teaches videoart, film history and mixed media techniques. Further he was active as guest lecturer on several art academies around Asia. He is the founder of PORT ACTIF (2011), a Belgian based international institute focusing on Cinema & Video Art.



KLEX in 26th Singapore International Film Festival 2015

sgiff 2015

 KLEX was invited to present a programme at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival 2015 at The Substation Theater on 4 December 2015. KLEX curator Kok Siew Wai, also a vocal improviser, joined by Yong Yandsen (tenor saxophone) and Brian O’Reilly (bass and electronics) and performed an improvised music session at the Festival Lounge.





Our everyday world is made up of diverse forms that coexist and sharing a common time and space. With its organic rhythm, structure and way of existence, nature allows seemingly contradictory realities coexist. There is Yin and there is Yang; there are men and there are women; there is strength and weakness; there is agreement and disagreement. Often, these contradictory realities morph into each other, and we’re not quite sure what it’ll become at the end. But what do we want it to become? Do we share similar life values as a community? Where are we heading? Shall we stop for a moment, to go inward and ponder? Or should we have a little fun with the uncertainties and chaos, as it starts to rain while the sun is shining very brightly out there?

This programme features 8 works from or made in Malaysia. Participating video artists include AU Sow Yee, Andrew Stiff, Azharr Rudin, Jason Bernagozzi, Jimmy Hendrickx, KOK Siew Wai, LIM Chee Yong and WONG Eng Leong.


Curator: KOK Siew Wai
Total Run Time: 85 minutes


LULAI (2014), LIM Chee Yong, Malaysia, 6:30 min

This video is about a group of Bajau Laut and Bajau Darat people from Mabul island, off the south-eastern coast of Sabah, East Malaysia. They have no nationality and are unremarkable from world population statistics.


MAJIDEE (2005), Azharr Rudin, Malaysia, 15:00 min

Two men meet in transit from Kuala Lumpur’s Puduraya to a train station. Can trust be developed between the two strangers?


MUD GAME (2014), KOK Siew Wai, Malaysia, 3:40 min

Kuala Lumpur has a high density of construction sites, especially in the city centre. You cannot drive beyond 5km without seeing one of them. The sites have become part of the city landscape. In Mud Game, a playfulness emerges from this daily occurrence as development and chaos come together.


KAMPUNG HAKKA (2014), Andrew Stiff, Malaysia, 5:30 min

In 2013, a local developer started bulldozing a part of Mantin Town in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Within minutes local residents, spanning the Malay, Chinese and Indian community, gathered in a bid to stop the destruction of the heart of Mantin, an area called Kampung Hakka (Hakka Village) a traditional area built from wood that is over 100 years old. Kampung Hakka captures the spirit of the protest and the quality of the kampong that is still lived in for now.


A DAY WITHOUT SUN IN MENGKERANG: CHAPTER 1 (2014), AU Sow Yee, Malaysia/Taiwan, 22:00 min

Through an imaginary one-day journey in Mengkerang (also an imagined Utopia in The Southern Sea), a “fable” is threaded by people from different cultural backgrounds, ages and classes in Malaysia, forming a narrative that wanders between the real and beyond. The film explores the possibility of transforming imagery, documents and objects into a movement by way of surrendering a degree of authorship to the public.


MIST (2012), WONG Eng Leong, Malaysia, 3:50 min

A nation that is seemingly well-developed and peaceful, shattered by a mere demonstration of the people’s will. When those in power fail to address the rights of the people, should the people not contemplate and decide for our future? The film contemplates the state of Malaysian politics.


Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference (2012), Jason Bernagozzi, USA/Malaysia, 8:40 min

This work meditates on the complex relationships between ritual and public space at the Batu

Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a space shared by both devout Hindus and tourists. The film utilises a technique that highlights the transitional element between multiple frames, enabling electronic insights of the body vernacular as it unfolds within mediated time.


Semalu (2013), Jimmy Hendrickx, Belgium/Malaysia, 19:40 min

Semalu means sensitive plant in Malay. The film is a theatrical and immersive portrait of the children of Cheras, a suburb in Kuala Lumpur that is going through urban development. A noisy landscape of construction works, resembling an apocalyptic wasteland, is the playground for the young, the space where they have to fend for themselves and find spiritual meaning in this desolate habitat in transition.



KLEX in “Asian Film and Video Art Forum” @

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA) in Seoul

 Poster MMCA

KLEX participated in the “Asian Film and Video Art Forum” at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA) in Seoul on 9-12 September 2015. KLEX was one of the forum panelists and presented screening programme “City Portrait”. It was also very nice to see familiar faces and colleagues in the field from around the world at the forum. A special thanks for the invitation from Jangwook Lee from Space Cell Handmade Film Lab and the MMCA theater programme curator, KIM Eunhee. A big thanks to participating KLEX artists in the programme:


“Sky Don’t Fall”, Akiko Nakamura, Japan

“16 x 9 Capsule”, Wuttin Chansataboot, Thailand

“Cage”, Lim Chee Yong, Malaysia

“Cielo”, Diego Castillo Brieva, Brazil

“What Day Is Today?”, Hoi Ting Yeung, Hong Kong

“Within Within”, Sharon LIU Sum-yu, Hong Kong

“The Endless Steps”, Maulana Adel Pasha, Indonesia

“Under The Lion Crotch”, WONG Ping, Hong Kong

“Semalu”, Jimmy Hendrickx, Belgium/Malaysia



KLEX in ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival 2015

Arkipel poster

KLEX’s programme “Impermanence” was shown at ARKIPEL International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival on 28 August 2015, at the GeotheHaus, Jakarta, Indonesia. Our festival director-curator presented the programme in person. A big thanks to all participating artists/filmmakers:

“Ruins II”, AU SowYee, Malaysia

“Omakage” (Remains), Maki Satake, Japan

“Butterfly”, CHAN Seauhuvi, Malaysia

“Beauty Evaporates”, June-Kyu Park, USA

“Lulai”, LIM Chee Yong, Malaysia

“Under The Lion Crotch”, WONG Ping, Hong Kong

“Mist”, WONG Eng Leong, Malaysia

“16 x 9 Capsule”, Wuttin Chansataboot, Thailand

“In Between Regularity and Irregularity”, Masahiro Tsutani, Japan

“Morning”, KOK Siew-Wai, Malaysia

“Semalu”, Jimmy Hendrickx, Belgium/Malaysia


KLEX Programme in Copacabana @ Rozenbroek Festival 2015 in Ghent

Copacobana Poster

Dates: 28 June 2015

Venue: Rozenbroek Park, Ghent, Belgium.

KLEX goes to Rozenbroek Park in Ghent, Belgium! KLEX special programme will be shown in “Copacabana @ Rozenbroek”, a city festival in Ghent, Belgium. The section where KLEX is included is organized by Port Actif, the Ghent based media and video artists collective. Thank you to all participating video artists: Wuttin Chansataboot, Rui Wang, Maki Stake, June Kyu Park, Masahiro Tsutani, WONG Ping & Kok Siew-Wai.



KLEX Programme: ‘Experimental Videos from Malaysia & Beyond’ in Seoul

KLEX-Club-eX-Poster_001      Club X_Sept_Poster flyer 1 KLEX-Club-eX-Poster_001

: 16 July; 20 August; 17 September 2015.
Venue: Korean Film Archive, Seoul, Korea.


KLEX goes Seoul, Korea! KLEX is invited by artists collective Club eX from Korea, to curate three screening programmes to be shown at the Korean Film Archive in Seoul in July, August and September 2015, as part of the “Lab eX” screening series. Our festival director-curator will attend the second programme in August in person and meet with the Korean audience! Thank you for participating KLEX artists in all three programmes: Andrew Stiff, Okui Lala (CHEW Win-Chen), Alphonse CHERN, Jack CHEONG, CHAN Seauhuvi, WONG Eng-Leong, Alison Khor, AU SowYee, KOK Siew-Wai, LIM Chee-Yong, POW Lai-Xiang, LIEW Chee-Heai, Jason Bernagozzi, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Michael Lyons, Haruka Mitani, Masahiro Tsutani, JuneKyu Park, Rui Wang, YOUNG Junk Jack, Joo-mee Paik, MAK Ying-Ping, Taiki Sakpisit, Maki Satake and Akiko Namakura.


KLEX Programme: ‘Tropical Seasonings’ @ Goethe-Institute Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi poster


Date & Time: 17 May 2015
Venue: Goethe-Institute Hanoi, Vietnam

KLEX goes Hanoi! KLEX touring programme “Tropical Seasonings” will show at Goethe-Institute Hanoi, Vietnam on 17 May 2015. A big thanks to our friends at Hanoi DOCLAB for hosting this event. Thank you to participating artists: LIM Chee-Yong, Andrew Stiff, AU SowYee, Azharr Rudin, CHEW Win-Chen, Debora Bernagozzi Jason Bernagozzi, Taiki Sakpisit, Wuttin Chansataboot, Wong Eng-Leong and Adel Maulana Pasha.


Photo Credits: Nguyen Trinh Thi, Nguyen Minh Tung and Luong Hue Trinh



KLEX Programme: ‘Sunshower’ in Berlin, Germany


Date & Time: 6 May 2015
Venue: Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

KLEX goes Berlin! Our touring screening programme “SUNSHOWER” was shown at Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin on Wednesday, 6 May 2015. Our festival director/artist-curator presented the programme in person. A big thanks to the venue and its event programmer Paul Räther. Thank you for participating KLEX artists: Andrew Stiff, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Lim Chee-Yong, Kok Siew-Wai, Azharr Rudin, Jason Bernagozzi, Jimmy Hendrickx, Wong Eng-Leong and Chew Win-Chen.




KLEX Programme: Moments of Movements @ Bret Llewellyn Gallery in USA

 Screen Shot poster_sm


Date & Time: 26 January – 12 February 2015
Venue: Bret Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State College, New York, USA.
Curator: KOK Siew-Wai
Total Run Time: 80 minutes

This is a special KLEX programme featuring films and animated works with the ideas of fragmented moments, movements and broken rhythms. Film, in its most traditional form, is a series of still images of captured moments. Human brains do not always function in a linear order. Memory, feelings and emotions occur in broken rhythms. New insights appear when these captured moments are arranged in a new order. Perhaps, it’s time to embrace the unavoidable chaos and find beauty in this fluctuated reality.

The selection of works ranges from animated drawings, computer animation, hand-made films and experimental videos. It includes 15 experimental shorts from Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Portugal, Thailand and UK.




No Signal Detected (2014), 3:00 min
Péter Lichter, Hungary
Rhythmical combat of digital and chemical decay.

Remains (Omakage) (2010), 6:00 min
Maki Satake, Japan
My parents and grandfather took a lot of photographs and videos in my childhood. I am searching for the world in the interstice of the record and the memories.

Self Portrait V.3 (2013), 2:10 min
Joo-Mee Paik, Korea
The work shows the process that breaks down the portrait of the artist into small particles like pixels and changes it into portraits of others. The persons in the portraits share their particles with others and create images of others from their own images by recomposing the particles. The work was made partially with the computer program that artist coded for her interactive art work and shows unique pictorial expressions.

Within Within (2011), 3:29 min
Sharon Liu Sum Yu, Hong Kong
There are many things we cannot choose in life, no one can choose their parents. You have to learn to love them before knowing them.

Demon Kills (2011), 4:56 min
Mah Ying Ping, Hong Kong
A boy confesses why he commits suicide at his school. Troubled by hallucination of demons around him, He decides to stand up to demon and exposes them. Only he has to bear with consequences that come along. Bullied and isolated, the boy becomes more mentally unstable and goes into hiding. Upon discovering more demons lurking in city, he decides to find out where these devils come from and embarks on a journey into far north wilderness.

Between Regularity and Irregularity (2012), 7:50 min
Masahiro Tsutani, Japan
The filmmaker improvises and through a conversation with himself, he has a chaotic worldview evocative of the firing of nerve cells, clustering sounds of convulsiveness. Finely‐detailed images filled with light that has been synced to sound. Nature creates the glow of light and the beauty of a shape lying between regularity and irregularity. Sounds and images with a granular texture. These things grasp the depths of the brain.

Invisible (2012), 5:55 min
Wong Eg Leong, Malaysia
The work utilizes video as a medium to capture moment and seeks to unravel what is hidden in the details of the familiar by separating the moment from the continuum of time and deciphering the captured imagery. A contemplation of the projected emotions and mentality through digital media.

Scavenger (2012), 4:30 min
Jack Cheong/Okui Lala/Alphonse Chern, Malaysia
“Scavenger” is a work composed by filming a process of dual video feedback, expressing the chemistry of searching, identifying and procuring of the matter of interest in an ever changing data stream.

Banquet of Love (2014), 6:30 min
Haruka Mitani & Michael Lyons, Japan
This abstract film was inspired by the occasion of filmmaker Norman McLaren’s 100th anniversary. Insects in their final moments chatter noisily, displaying extravagant colors and patterns. It is their great feast of love. The film was made by scratching and painting directly on 8mm film. Powder and layers of transparent lacquer were also applied, with more layers of paint, lending depth to the various colors. The soundtrack was created optically with an original system, ‘The Octopus’.

Ginza Strip (2014), 9:00 min
Richard Tuohy, Australia
The Ginza of fable and memory. This is the first film I have finished using the ‘chromaflex’ technique that we developed. This is a very much hands on colour developing procedure that allows selected areas of the film to be colour positive, colour negative, or black and white.

Under the Lion Crotch (2011), 4:39 min
Wong Ping, Hong Kong
I’m sorry that we have two national anthems, but we can only hear the one about building a great wall with our flesh and blood. It is always on TV, and you have to listen to it all the time even if you don’t want to. In this city, singing is far more popular than music. We can never escape it, nor can we fight it. We can only reach out our hands from below ground, and put a white chrysanthemum on our grave.

Tape Loading Error (2012), 2:55 min
Sandra Araújo, Portugal
Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of Magritteʼs surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular elements and texture, thus sharing, the action with layers that emulate lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer machines.

The First Rain (2012), 9:00 min
Koji Tambata, Japan/Thailand
This work is coming after my video project ‘Music Works’ and ‘Pre-Music Consciousness’ and is much more personal in a certain sense. One of intentions is juxtaposing images to get oric movements and reach the final result with process of it. Fragments taken from everyday life is going to reach some kind of reality eventually. In this time living in Thailand is one of influential aspects and the title, The First Rain is named by being witness of crucial moment of something. And here will be coming beautiful raining season after beautiful long dry season…

Sky Don’t Fall (2011), 3:11 min
Akiko Nakamura, Japan
I’m watching the sky
I wanna make sure the sky don’t fall
I’m gonna make sure that doves fly
Cause kids fly too
I’ll always make sure the sky don’t fall
Then I see the moon sets over the bank sign

Lay Bare (2012), 6:00 min
Paul Bush, United Kingdom
It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances’ wrote Oscar Wilde. LAY BARE is a composite portrait of the human body, revealing it as it is only rarely seen in the most intimate relationships we have with our family or our lovers – erotic and comic, beautiful and vulnerable.


KLEX Programmes in Dongtaidu Festival 2015

 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Dongtaidu2015 KLEX poster              Dongtaidu2015_Klex Schedule


Venue: MAPKL@Publika
Date: 18 January 2015

KLEX was invited to be part of “Dongtaidu Music Fest 2015” 动态度音乐节 at MAPKL@Publika on 18 January 2015, where KLEX’s works were showcased in two different programmes. One of the programmes is videos for live indie bands, while another one is a screening of 10 experimental shorts from KLEX’s archive.

Videos for Live Bands:Total Run Time: 130 minutes

Portebello (2013), 9:15 min
Andrew Stiff, Malaysia

Winds Monologue (2014), 11:00 min
Liew Chee Heai, Malaysia/Japan

Invisible (2012), 5:55 min
Wong Eng Leong, Malaysia

Mist (2012), 3:51 min
Wong Eng Leong, Malaysia

Passing II (2009), 6:30
Au Sow Yee, Malaysia

Scavenger (2012), 4:30 min
Jack Cheong/Okui Lala/Alphonse Chern, Malaysia

Metamorphose (2012), 7:50 min
Haruka Mitani, Japan

Music Works 2 – First Of All, A Television Exists (1999), 10:00 min
Koji Tambata, Japan

Pre-Music Consciousness-Energy Flow#3(2003), 6:35 min
Koji Tambata, Japan

Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference (2012), 8:40 min
Jason Bernagozzi, USA

Night Walk (2011), 9:15 min
Debora Bernagozzi, USA

The Age of Anxiety (2013), 14:00 min
Taiki Sakpisit, Thailand

Look Inside The Ghost Machine (2012), 4:30 min
Péter Lichter, Hungary

Screen Tone (2011), 16:00 min
Richard Tuohy, Australia

Tasmanian Splintering (2011), 14:00 min
Richard Tuohy, Australia

i~Muse~a… i~Muse~ik (2013) 6:22 min
Sautel Cago, France/Taiwan

10 KLEX Experimental Shorts On Loop: Total Run Time: 48 minutes

Shift (2012), 3:00 min
Max Hattler, UK

Between Regularity and Irregularity (2012), 7:50 min
Masahiro Tsutani, Japan

Snail Trail (2012), 3:00 min
Philipp Artus, Germany

Beauty Evaporates (2011), 4:00 min
JuneKyu Park, USA

Lulai (2014), 6:00 min
Lim Chee Yong, Malaysia

No Signal Detected (2014), 3:00 min
Péter Lichter, Hungary

Under the Lion Crotch (2011), 4:39 min
Wong Ping, Hong Kong

The One of My Chinese Dreams (2013), 2:30 min
Rui Wang, China

The First Rain (2012), 8:15 min
Koji Tambata, Japan/Thailand

Lay Bare (2012), 6:00 min
Paul Bush, UK