Let Me ASMR You (2014)

2:40 min/sound
Clint Enns, Canada

Rhythmic study using ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) inducing sounds from videos found on Youtube.


Kuchithesizer (2014)

4:46 min/sound
Kezzardrix and dj sniff, Japan

The musical composition was made from extracting various voice samples from Japanese vocal performer Makigami Koichi. These sound generated through extended vocal techniques were manipulated through the turntable and with various analog filters. The image was made through custom software tools built with Jitter and Openframeworks. Most imagery is generated live, reacting to sonic characteristics of the original composition.

Pure Virtual Function (2015)

2:50 min/sound
Péter Lichter, Hungary

Pure Virtual Function is an abstract meditation on the representation of violence, the connection of virtual and real aggression. The film was made from painted 35 mm film strips and sound recording from Iraq war.

Listen (2013)

10:00 min/sound
Monteith McCollum, USA

“Listen”, a short film made as part of a collaboration of works curated by Slamdance Film Festival, examines shortwave radio as a technology that can be utilized not only for communication, but also abstract sound art. In “Listen,” Ingvar Loco Nordin a Swedish sound artist, writer, and student of the renowned composer Carl Heinz Stockhausen breaks down the sounds of shortwave as a poetic electronic medium. Bringing viewers into a world of forgotten and hidden transmissions, buzzing morse code, the abstract hum of pagers, and the coded transmission of coordinates to airlines flying overhead. It’s a technology that has a linkage to the greater Milky Way.

Mongo – Plastic (2015)

5:00 min/sound
Francois Knoetze, South Africa

* The complete version of Mongo (30 minutes) is shown as single-channel installation. For complete synopsis, please check “Single-Channel Video Installation” section.

坏, Corrupted (2015)

2:01 min/sound
Kalila Snow JAN, China/Malaysia

The video experiments a variety of medias and mediums that contains photography work, dark room experiments and digital graphic manipulation. The concept of this video is to indicate and denote the meanings of corruption through a sophisticated visual language.

I Was Five When I Became A Woman (2014)

5:00 min/sound
Maryam Tafakory, Iran/UK

An emotional tapestry that invites you to briefly share the life long torment of genital mutilation still forced upon many young girls around the world.

Cut Out (2014)

4:19 min/sound
Guli Silberstein, UK

A radiant and energetic girl is shouting and punching the empty space in front of her. She is roughly cut out from her surroundings by a computer algorithm struggling to contain her. Her enemies are rubbed off the frame, sound is removed and music added, emphasizing her anguish and anger. Gradually, more fragments of the scene are revealed and the context is made clearer. The video-processing highlights the documented scene as image, both of a fight for freedom, and a media event.

One Person One Heart (2014)

4:00 min/sound
Phoebe MAN Ching Ying, Hong Kong

“One Person One Heart” is a collaboration of the artist with the people. It shows the view of the people in Taiwan, on the issue of comfort women. The artists asked people to draw on the image of a Japanese flag and a heart. When many of these pieces of paper are lined up to make an animation, it will be like a heart beating. Around 400 people joined this project; more than 800 pieces of drawings were collected. This artwork was opened up for the public and different kinds of views co-exist and provided a better understanding of the people’s views on the subject.


H1001_XTOUCH.Mov (2015)

5:56 min/sound
Chloe YAP Mun Ee & WEE Jia Foong, Malaysia

A girl documenting a mental battle within herself. She’s trying to make a film about it.

Keajaiban (2015)

13:02 min/sound
Loong Wah, Malaysia

In a night club disco bar, there is a veteran performer who used to be a fabulous drag queen. Time passes and there are many upcoming and young new talents in the business. A poetic portrait of these unconventional dancers in the show business.

32 + 4 (2014)

32:00 min/sound
CHAN Hau Chun, China/Hong Kong

The director spent her childhood living apart from her family and knew very little about its history. This changed when she graduated from college and decided to face her parents with her camera in a search for answers to questions about her past. (61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2015, International Competition Principal Prize)