• Total Run Time: 65 minutes

UNTITLED 015 (2014)

1:48 min/silent
Matt Abbiss, UK

This video is part of a series of untitled and largely abstract, digitally drawn animations. Created spontaneously, they are primarily concerned with being visually interesting documents of the artist’s attention span, although inevitably certain themes and motifs emerge.


3:00 min/sound
Jeffu Warmouth, USA

The human condition is an endless source of fascination. How can we search for meaning while negotiating the promises and demands of consumer society? What can mundane actions tell us about an individual’s relationship to the self, to others, or the Universe? Looking for comedy, poetry, and pathos in everyday gesture, the artist performs for the camera in the tradition of DADA, physical comedians, or minimalist dancers, and structures these repetitive movements into compositions.

ALL ROT (2015)

4:00 min/sound
Max Hattler, UK/Germany/Hong Kong

Responding to the compositional and aesthetic qualities of abstract expressionism and cameraless animation, All Rot uses photographic reanimation to render the mundane environment of a decaying crazy golf course into a rapturous split-screen experiment in synaesthetic cinema.


4:20 min/sound
Isabella Gresser, Germany

A black and white experimental video poem about the search for identity.

EILAND (2016)

3:00 min/sound
Kuesti Fraun, Germany

‘Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.’ (Muhammad Ali)


6:00 min/sound
Andrew Stiff, Vietnam/UK

The heartbeat of Saigon is the ‘Hems’, or alleyways that are to be found all over the city. This is where the real Saigon lurks. The hems offer only a vertical horizon line, allowing you to look from the tiny streets up to the infinity of the sky. The shapes defined by the changing skyline of a hem, form the crevices that hold the persistent and chaotic movement of the endless stream of motorcycles. The merging of these two elements, the ground and the sky, is reflected in the lightning formation and intense rain that defines the tropical climate.


8:30 min/sound
Shon Kim, South Korea/USA

By putting a piece of paper on top of a coin and trace it with a pencil, the image of a coin slowly appearing. This was the first artistic experience to a little kid and became a nostalgic memory to a grown-up. A coin by itself only a kind of material carries an economic value, but after the tracing process it turns into something rather spiritual and artistic magically.

APRIL 21 (2014)

4:00 min/sound
Jessica Poon, USA/Hong Kong

The animation is composed of graphical metaphors that compare geometries and cubical shapes to anxiety. The protagonist is a cubeman who was getting ready at home for his first date with his dream girl on the date, April 21. His anxiety escalated into a series of epic psychological chaos. The normal self finally settled the scenario by putting the anxious self in bed to rest and braving the date with his natural charm.


3:56 min/sound
Jason Chin, Malaysia

Inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft, or The Great Dreamer, this video uses abstract images to explore a dream-like state of the human psyche filled with emotions such as fear and anxiety.


8:12 min/sound
Masahiro Tsutani, Japan

This is the second film in the series, ‘Between Regularity and Irregularity’. This work continues to focus on the fluctuations and changes of sounds, tone qualities, movement of particles, and forms. With regard to movements of particles, it uses movements triggered by living organisms such as the structures and cells in the brains of mice, as well as particles and lines in non-living things.


4:22 min/sound
Safwan Salleh, Malaysia

The film shows the life of a working class student who likes to make Cara cakes in the midnight, accompanied by his friends. In their humble house, these youngsters find fun, warmth and support with the company of each other. In this family-like atmosphere, they can forget about the tough reality of life for a while, at least before the sun rises!


14:11 min/sound
Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank, Belgium

Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank are visual artists, performers and videographers. Humor, transformation and power are the key elements of their art practice. In 2015 they’ve build a small wooden suitcase with an unfoldable message, containing the ‘mantra’: GO AWAY SORROW OF THE WORLD. With the help of facebook friends, they translate this message in the local languages of all the countries that they are visiting. R&F F&R share the believe that by reading the message, some good will be send out, straight into the universe and actually help the positive change vibes. URL: www.robbertenfrank.com/blog