POINT (2013)

1:42 min/sound
Matt Abbiss, UK

Point is an abstract, drawn animation, commissioned for the Wilderness of Mirrors pavilion as part of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale.

Peek-A-Boo-Two (2015)

1:15 min/sound
Steve Dixon, Singapore

A continuous tracking shot along a Singapore street is interrupted by the erratic pulse of a one-second freeze-frame every time a pedestrian comes into view, leading to an unsettling and uncanny ‘extratemporal’ effect.

I Love You (2014)

2:29 min/sound
Daniel Watkins, USA

More so than photographing the subject into nothingness, the camera here reassembles its subject with every repetition allowing the image to constantly redefine itself while simultaneously heading down path towards the indefinable. Without filtration or synthesizers, I Love You uses re-photography to create several generations of the same small clip reducing a cultural artifact into an abstraction of sound and image.

Re:cycled (2014)

5:50 min/sound
Jim Pomeroy, Canada

An abstract handmade film that is part structuralist inquiry into the film print as material object instead of information bearer. The film was made by reusing/recycling/reworking bits of film prints that are usually never seen, such as lab markers, countdowns, negative and black and clear leader. In part, the film is an essay in visual music – a basic vocabulary is established and subjected to various permutations – structured using repetition, and variation and symmetry – palindromes and mirroring.

Ecstasy of Replicate no.15 (2013)

3:10 min/sound
Tsuyoshi Anzai, Japan

Anzai uses machines with repetitive actions and mass-produced colorful ready-made products and create a semi-controlled situation. Through variety of irregularity and accidents occurred in this constructed system, Anzai symbolically expresses uncertainty and uncontrollable situation in our contemporary society. “Ecstasy of Replicate no.15” was a video work showing such controlled repetitive actions and the emergence of irregularity in contrast by recording the same actions in the video.

Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field – Lost Control (2014)

6:55 min/sound
Arnont Nongyao, Thailand

All things can always links to the rational and the irrational. Thailand, May 22,2014.

Un Dia [One Day] (2014)

1:50 min/sound
Leo Uehara, Brazil

An animation inspired by Juana Molina’s song “Un dia”. All the elements on the video represent a sound and move along the music in sync with the beat. The aim was to represent visual music. The graphics are inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro.

Run Manila Run (2014)

MV Isip, Tin Sartorio, Toph Doncillo, Philippines

Based on Chubbs Bustamante’s piece on the romanticized middle class perspective of poverty, Run Manila Run is a digital mixed media videopoem in collaboration with 18 Filipino artists. It attempts to recreate the experience of an artwork one cannot fully grasp at first, but continues to generate new meaning with each viewing.

Naik 20.6 [Up 20.6] (2015)

3:20 min/sound
Mohd Affendi Bin Azizan, Malaysia

The film uses the word “Naik” in Malay, which means “going up”. Subtly, it explores sociopolitical issues in Malaysia.


Alor Setar Pulse (2015)

4:55 min/sound
Andrew Stiff, Malaysia/UK

This video is an exploration of hand painted sunblinds in Alor Setar, Kedah. We are naturally drawn to patterns and order, and even disorder that is presented through a structured or ordered space or medium. It is because of this we see the world sequentially, even though events and communication do not happen sequentially. Using the theme of pulse, the motion of the blinds swaying in the evening breeze, is fractured into a series of cut edits that balance nonlinear disorder against the linear order of colour and context.

Film Sound (2014)

9:17 min/sound
Cesar Gananian, Alexandre Moura, Brazil

Roberto MIchelino is an inventor of musical instruments who goes through the city surrounded by sounds he creates himself. The plastic and sound composition are an invitation for the audience to immerse in a hypnotic and kinesthetic experience. A film to see the sound and to listen to the images.

Life Would be tragic if it weren’t funny (2015)

3:55 min/sound
Jolene MOK, Iceland

An observation of birds with an artistic intervention.

The Song of Life (2015)

12:13 min/sound
Winston LIEW Kher Cheng, Malaysia

In an abandoned place where a family calls it home, they have left a trace. As time passes by, a song of their life is heard.

Hail the Bodhisattva of Collected Junk (2015)

6:15 min/sound
YE Mimi, Taiwan

This experimental music video is based on a poem that both satirizes and celebrates local culture in Taiwan. “Hail the Bodhisattva of Collected Junk,” the title of both the song and the poem, is a play on the Buddhist phrase “Hail the Bodhisattva Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy.” The poem refers to local junk vendors, who repeatedly call out “sell them to me” as they walk from neighborhood to neighborhood looking for unwanted household items, typically scrap metal, tools and electronics.