Experimental Films by Shinkan Tamaki

This programme features recent film and video works of Japanese filmmaker and artist Shinkan Tamaki. Africa I and Sailing Across Images were both shot in 16mm, and then transferred to digital format in post production. Shinkan sees his art practice as a journey in search of the “never-before-seen” images and new perceptual experience through film. He makes moving images and artworks relating to this concept.

  • Total Run Time: 57 minutes

Africa (2010)

11:30 min
b&w, silent

An observation of the texture of the subject and the film, as well as motion in the moving image, by going through a four-second-long footage duplicated in a large volume.

Sailing Across Images (2012)

15:00 min, b&w, sound
Music by Tetuzi Akiyama + Toshimaru Nakamura
from “Semi-Impressionism”(Spekk KK020)

Perception changes ambiguously between moving image and sound. I went on a journey by water. I had been gazing at the calm sea for hours on the back deck. Before my eyes was the endless sky, the nearly leaning sea horizon, strong sunlight shining on the surface of the water, and trails on the sea traced by the ship. The sound were of the engine and waves, vibrations propagated through the ship hull, and a pleasant breeze. I’m trying to sense every moment. I am here to watch the sea. Thinking this, I will daydream even before I know it. Occasional whistles make the scene in front of me vivid.

Time Space Motion (2017)

30:00 min
colour, partly sound

I shot sunlight from the window during the days on which the Sun’s elevation in the sky is the lowest. Through this moving image, we observe earth rotation (in other words, “time”), change in the atmosphere, spatial form, and so on.

* Shinkan Tamaki will be performing in the Music & Audio-visual Programme on Friday, 24 Nov, 9:30pm; and on Sunday, 26 Nov, 8:30pm, collaborating with local live musicians. Tamaki will perform with video camera and projector to observe optical phenomena which happens on the spot.



Born in 1982, Japan. While SHINKAN TAMAKI was studying science at the university, he found a 8mm film camera in dump site by chance. It was the beginning of his endless experiments in moving images with film. In 2005, Shinkan started to produce 16mm film passionately through self‐education. He often processes films by himself, and uses it as objects, and investigates and plays with its materiality. His films attempt to challenge the audience’s perception of film and images, by coming and going across borders between abstract and concrete, sound and image. Recently, he expands his work to performance – to performs with a video camera and a projector to observe optical phenomena happening on the spot. Shinkan’s works have been screened at many local and international film festivals, including Kinema Nippon in Tokyo, Hors Pistes Tokyo, Australian International Experimental Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 13th Paris Festival of Different & Experimental Cinemas and amongst others.