Experimental Films by Eric Lee Loong


These two films have been disfigured from their original source and reconfigured to address hierarchies of power and desire. The accompanying sounds also play a vital role in the reconstruction of dialogue between image and the sleeping consciousness. Similar to the act of exorcism, these films are an attempt to expel the demons, spirits and gods that dominate one’s emotional and mental capacity.

  • Total Run Time: 46 minutes

Not My Problem (2017)

Sound by Zachary Chan
10:00 min

Inspired by The Observatory’s song “Wait For the Real Storm” and Alfian Sa’at’s poem “Singapore, You Are Not My Country”, this film is an exploration of propaganda techniques gone mad.

Chinx Without Swords (2017)

Sound by Tini Aliman
36:00 min

With the help of D.W. Griffith’s Broken Blossoms, this text heavy three panel film examines the relationship between a Chinese male and a Caucasian female set in contemporary Singapore.



E LEE LOONG (b 1988 Malaysia/Singapore) makes videos and books in Singapore. Occasionally, he writes and performs. He is grateful for being able to collaborate with individuals whom he greatly respects and for this, he says “thank you, friends”.