KAFE – Korean Association of Film Education


KAFE (Korea Association of Film Education) International Screening

Curated by Jonghan Choi, Experimental Filmmaker and Researcher

KAFE is an academic society consists of film professors and lecturers. ‘Begin Again’ is a screening programme with works of KAFE members teaching at the University in South Korea. Although many professors of KAFE devote most of their times as full-time teachers and as researchers, they never abandon the ‘artist’ in them. In ‘Begin Again’, you will see the works from experimental filmmaker, screenwriter, video artist, commercial film director, film critic, film theorist and cinematographer. I believe this is a special time for the KAFE members to share their films in KLEX. Now, we ‘Begin Again’!

MY GALAXY (2016)

Choi Jong-han
00:30 min

The image is captured from my 3 year old baby’s drawing book. This drawing, as well as my baby, are my Galaxy!

THE VOID (2016)

Choi Kwang-young
10:00 min

A geometrical structure and figure through electric wires, which feels void of the sky in big city.

SEEK (2016)

Jin Seung-hyun
10:00 min

Entering into life – I want to show you our daily life.


Kim Suk-bum
4:00 min

Imagining the physical world where we live through experimental images and sounds.


Gim Min-gyu
10:00 min

This film is about fundamental desires of the human race.


Kim Min-ha
4:00 min

Korea has a great sadness such as the Korean comfort women and the tragic Sewol ferry sinking. But some people tend to chop their own ice greedily exploiting the sorrow. This film was made to let them see the truth.

MIRROR (2016)

Koo Sang-bum
3:00 min

Mirror reflects the society in Korea.

2PM (2016)

Min Kyung-won
2:00 min

Two men use dance and music to communicate with each other at 2pm.


Ryu Jae-hoon
00:30 min

The green candle makes a tiger mask with reflection of fluorescent light.

ME, MYSELF & ME (2016)

Shin Sangyeop
6:00 min

Me who was in the past, is now and will be in the future.

STILL (2016)

Yoo Su-yeon
5:00 min

This film explores the conflicts between a mother and her son for freedom and success.


Ha Seong-hyeon
5:00 min

An image experiment on how feelings and images changed in one shot.



Choi Jonghan
is an Experimental Film Artist and Researcher. He is currently working as a programmer of SEFF KOREA (Student Experimental Film Festival in Korea) as well as Associate professor of Performing Art and Moving Image Dept., Semyung Univ. South Korea. His Works selected and screened by EXiS, Nemaf and more. His main research area is Korean Experimental film and his academic papers are published by many moving image journal in KOREA