• Total Run Time: 58 mins

Clarabóia (2018)

1:30 min / sound
Michael Lyons, Portugal/Japan

A poetic look at a skylight in Porto, filmed over three days on three different Super 8 stocks.

Fisso (2018)

8:45 min / sound
Raito Low Jing Yi, Malaysia/Taiwan

The story is about the changing affection of a camera family. If there is no more feelings between the couple, even living together they are just two separated, lonely entities. How can a broken heart be cured and become complete, again?

La Roue (2018)

2:32 min / sound
Jean-Michel Rolland, France

“La Roue” is a timelapse conceived from 160 photographic snapshots taken in the space of ten days. The computer processing applied to the successive images leaves an important part to transparency and thus confers on the recreated landscape a post-impressionist aesthetic. In the night, a disturbing sound accompanies the appearance of impressionist spots that take shape, intriguing. Slowly, these scattered elements come together on a darkened landscape. The man is absent from the scenery but his activity is raised in the sky where vertical bars appear: a wheel is being built. The dawn comes to an end when the giant architecture of the carousel is revealed in its superb solidity, drawing in space a Dufy-style graphic.

32-Rbit (2018)

7:45 min / sound
Victor Orozco Ramirez, Germany/Mexico

An short essay film about my very own Internet, a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.

On The Border (2018)

7:10 min / sound
Yoshiki Nishimura, Japan

This work shows ocean trash on the off-season beach in early spring. Many people think it is a very unpleasant sight, but it demonstrates a serious environmental problem. The artist had shot thousands of photos. By using a photogrammetry technique, these photos were then converted to 3-D models. In this film, we are looking at physical reality through the eyes of computer graphics.

Moon Phrases/ Solar Eclipses (2018)

2:46 min / sound
Tzu-An Wu, Taiwan/United States

Moon Phrases and Solar Eclipse are both film frame by frame, manually with 16mm Bolex camera. I make myself as the extension of the camera, to control the exposure time by mind. The images produced are also reflections of the time and the mind. These two works are one set of installation, in the form of double screen with two loops: The left channel is a digital projection of a video edited with the lab processed and scanned file. The right channel is a 16mm projection in a loop, this version used the same material but hand edited, contact printed and hand processed. The double screen presentation is not only a cross reference between the digital and the analogue, but also meant to present the resonance and the time difference between the two channels. (Wu)


17:00 min / sound
Yuka Sato, Japan

Emerging from a period of withdrawal, a social recluse or Shikikomori relates her inner experiences against the backdrop of an illuminated and restless urban environment that never sleeps.

*placetheearthbeneathyou (2019)

7:05 min / sound
Sim Hoi Ling and Yew Jun Ken, Malaysia

“*placetheearthbeneathyou” is composed of streamed and uploaded footage from various online media platforms, exploring a binary alternation between the physical and digital, as they both coexist within a simulated space. The advent of virtual and augmented reality, as well as the constantly transforming nature of internet technology, paves the path for globalized, mentally interconnected experiences that  blur the boundaries between the natural and virtual. This synthesis of the two creates a new, somewhat “singular world”, to which people inch closer and closer toward.

Beauty(fool) of Destruction (2018)

3:15 min / sound
Fadly Sabran, Malaysia

The video was made responding to the General Election campaign in Malaysia in 2018. Despite being a medium for transmitting information, media can also be a propagandistic rhetoric that is manipulated by political powers. It has such strong power to either construct or destruct the mindset and structure of a society.