The KLEX Open Programmes feature experimental shorts selected from the international open call in early 2018. This year, we received over 185 submissions from various regions around the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. The film curatorial team has selected 31 works to be screened in three different programmes the festival, namely Doppler In Memoriam, Light Dissolves and Overlapping Time-scapes.

Translucence has issues with clarity. Our eye fights to see clarity as clarity is definable. Our comfort lies in a definition. The confidence to identify. A translucent facade or a trans-imagery allows a certain amount of light but clarity was never the goal. The image becomes only an essence of exactitude. A remnant of a definition. The programmes include works dealing with memory, personal and national history, search for the human soul, landscapes, urbanscapes and visual abstractions.

Open Programme I : Doppler In Memoriam

Open Programme II : Light Dissolves

Open Programme III : Overlapping Time-Scapes