Founded in May 2014, SERIOUS PLAY IMPROV LAB (SPIL) is a monthly music series of KLEX Festival. It is an art laboratory focusing on music experimentation and improvisation. SPIL provides a platform for musicians from various backgrounds to collaborate and present a new collective expression through improvisation. Over the years, many local and international artists have initiated experimentations and collaborated in the SPIL series, nurturing the experimental and improvised music scene in the region.

Improvisation is the first stage of any creation. There is immense energy and creativity in the improvisation stage where rules are constantly being created, worked on, transform, abandoned or reenacted as we arrange our ideas through elaboration and development. Improvised art requires a great deal of concentration, awareness, communication and skills. It has a sense of excitement and urgency because there will be no ‘2nd take’. You create as you think, and the process is the result.

Musicians and performers who have participated in SPIL series include: Arrington de Dionyso (USA), Azzief Khaliq, Azmyl Yunor, Brian O’Reilly (USA), Chris Golinski (USA), Chris Stalk (France), DJ Urine (France), Fadhil Zulkifri, Farez Jinnah, Gerry Hemingway (USA), GOH Lee Kwang, Ian HAN, Joe Kidd, Kamal Sabran, Katsura Yamauchi (Japan), KOK Siew-Wai, LEE Choy Wan, LEE Kien Fei, LUONG Hue Trinh (Vietname), Makoto Oshiro (Japan), Michael Edward Edgerton (USA), NG Chor-guan, O.g Azrin, Ren Xin, Otomo Yoshihide (Japan), Sachiko M (Japan), Sarah Weaver (USA), Sudarshan Chandra Kumar, WONG Yok Teng, YUEN Chee Wai (Singapore), YONG Yandsen and many more.

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