‘Living’ is a kind of vibration and movement. Pulse is movement, and movement is action. The heartbeat of a new born baby, glowing neon lights pulsating in the city, ocean waves dancing with its own rhythm cruising through particular units of time… The very fact of our existence, being alive, is manifested through the pulse. All living things have their unique rhythms and order, be it regular or irregular, fast or slow, mechanical or organic. These humble and basic vibrating beats bring out the hybrid forms of realities and wonders.

KLEX 2015: PULSE Open Call received over 350 submissions from around the world. The curatorial team has selected 46 shorts to curate three screening programmes and 3 single-channeled video installations. The selection of works includes short animation, motion graphics, abstract film, video art, experimental documentaries and narrative films in various styles, tackling different subjects ranging from personal psychology, family history, sociopolitical and environmental issues, to playful, pure visual and sonic experimentations in aesthetics.

KLEX Programme I: Rhythm of Moments
KLEX Programme II: Off Track
KLEX Programme III: Heartbeat of Habitat
Video Installations