KLEX Open Programme

Theme: Being Human
Deadline: 10 August 2024
Festival Dates: Late November 2024

Much has changed in the world we live in recent years. A world event took us by surprise and put the global human societies into a critical “pause” mode where we experienced a public health disaster, together yet in isolation. Technological advancement at lightning speed radically changed our daily lives intellectually, culturally, and socially with the omnipresence of AI and automation. What is real? What is fake? And does it matter? Are authenticity, originality, and intuition still noble qualities in today’s society? Do we cherish or conceal the expression of genuine human thoughts and emotions? Are we fascinated by natural beauty with flaws, or artificial beauty with perfection? The world is increasingly driven by mechanization where you order food at restaurants with QR codes; chat with Siri; and form your business team with OpenAI. Shall we ponder again,  perhaps, what is the essence of “being human” in this era?

Use “Being Human” as inspiration to produce work for KLEX 2024. We’re awaiting your new work starting NOW!

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