September, 11 2014



We’re delighted to inform you that we’ve finally gone through all 170 submissions this year, and come out with the final selection of works to show at KLEX 2014! The curatorial team, with Andrew Stiff, Azharr Rudin, CHONG Keat-Aun and KOK Siew-Wai, has been through a really tough process of choosing the works as we’ve received so many interesting and inspiring works this year!

Congratulations to all selected artists!

The selected artists have already been informed through email. Due to the lacking of human resources (the entire team of KLEX is made up solely by volunteers!), we are unable to notify the result to every artist individually, but only to the selected ones.

The 5th KLEX 2014: First Time will take place on 19-23 November 2014. The full festival schedule and programme details will be announced in mid October. There will be screenings of KLEX programmes and invited guest programmes from Germany, Hong Kong and Thailand, audio-visual performances, video installations and special events with filmmakers and artivists from Hong Kong!

In the past four years, the festival took place at The Annexe, in which it witnesses the first KLEX. This year, we’re experimenting a different approach. We’re holding the festival at three different venues that are close to each other and within walking distance. Our cooperative partners are LostGen Artspace, Petaling Street Art House and FINDARS. All of these are artist-run, independent art spaces that share the similar DIY spirit as KLEX. We are very grateful with the support from the spaces and definitely hope that this collaborative effort will stay and even grow stronger among the local artists collectives!

2014 is an eventful year for KLEX.  We’ve started a new monthly performance lab series focusing on improvisation entitled Serious Play Improv Lab (SPIL) in May, where musicians and artists gather to improvise together. We are especially productive in the effort of networking and promoting works from Malaysia and other South East Asian to other parts of the world. KLEX has kicked start the year with joining the Visitor Programme to check out the prestigious Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival) in February, thanks to the opportunity given by the Goethe-Institute Malaysia and the Foreign Office of Germany. In March and April, KLEX showed a programme with South East Asian works at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (Buffalo, USA); also in April, at the Asian Experimental Video Festival (Hong Kong); in July, at Moonji Institute of Art and Ilmin Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea); upcoming in October, at Athena Cinema (Ohio, USA); and upcoming exchange project in December in Bangalore, India. This has really been a happy travel year for KLEX!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all collaborators and friends from around the world in supporting this DIY, artist-run festival in Kuala Lumpur!

Please check on KLEX 2014 festival programmes and schedule in mid October! If you’re in town, see you at KLEX 2014! And please spread the word!


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List of artists & works of KLEX 2014:

Soli, Adrienne Marcus Raja (Malaysia)

A Day Without Sun in Mengkerang: Chapter 1, Au Sow Yee (Malaysia)

One Day, Pow LaiXiang (Malaysia)

Lulai, Lim Chee Yong (Malaysia)

Kampung Hakka, Andrew Stiff (Malaysia)

The Light of Memory, Winston Liew Kher Cheng (Malaysia)

Winds Monologue, Liew Chee Heai (Japan/Malaysia)

KL Dreaming 2014, Andrew Stiff (Malaysia)

Renai no Daikyouen (Banquet of Love), Haruka Mitani & Michael Lyons (Japan)

For Peace, Paradox, Kalila Snow Jan (China)

Odd One Out, Christopher Rohde (Canada)

Radish, Diego Ramirez (Australia/Mexico)

No Signal Detected, Peter Lichter (Hungary)

Ben, Kuesti Fraun (Germany)

Song of the Firebird, Tay Hongcheng (Singapore)

Niagara’s Fury, Benjamin R. Taylor (Canada)

X, Max Mattler (Germany)

H2T, Charles-André Coderre (Canada)

Single # Double # Triple, Apotropia (Italy)

Trans, Mark Chapman (UK/Germany)

Magical Garden, Sandrine Deumier & Alex Pop (France)

Orange, Cristina Pavesi (Italy)

Touch The Moon, Phoebe Ching Ying MAN (Hong Kong)

Zima, Cristina Picchi (Russia)

What Day Is Today, YEUNG Hoi Ting (Hong Kong)

Wormhole, Yeo Siew Hua, Nelson Yeo, Yang Vicki & Adeline Setiawan (Singapore)

A Paradise of Children, Neo Kidder (USA)

Strip Mall Nature, David Gracon (USA)

This is My City, Yeung Yuk Wai (Hong Kong)

16 x 9 Capsule, Wuttin Chansataboot (Thailand)

Lay Bare, Paul Bush (UK)

My Chinese Dreams, Wang Rui (China)

E215, Scott Willis (Scotland)


Congratulations again, fellow artists!


KOK Siew-Wai
KLEX curator & festival director