“From Remembering To Rising”

Venue: Southern University College (Johor), 2A Lecture Hall.
Date & Time: 16 April 2013 @ 8pm
Total Run Time: 90 minutes
Curator: Kok Siew Wai

This is a special KLEX program that consists of video works from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan and USA, literally or indirectly exploring the themes of nostalgia, recollection, memory and internal dialogues. Besides, there’ll be a short audio-visual performance by solo saxophonist Yong Yandsen, accompanying a video by Koji Tambata (Japan).

“The human brain is the most fundamental agent of archiving. Like it or not, it records everything every single moment. After the recording, some materials are remained while others are discarded, and then some are twisted, created (out of the absence of a desired memory) and re-created (perhaps because it’s too painful?). Memories are stored in different forms: image, sound, smell… that eventually provokes emotions. What is “real”? What we “see”, or “experience”, or what we “remember”? Sometimes, the brain records a journey with rapidly changing images and sensations. In those split seconds, which image and sensation will remain in our consciousness and enforce new actions?”

Participating artists include Wong Eng Leong, Chew Win Chen (Okui Lala), Alison Khor, Satake Maki, Nakamura Akiko, Charlotte Lim Lay Kuen, Kok Siew Wai, Koji Tambata, June Kyu Park, Peter Lichter, Charles Fairbanks and Debora Bernagozzi.