KLEX 2012 Special Guest : Michael Brynntrup

Michael Brynntrup was Born in Muenster ( Westphalia) in 1959. He creates experimental poems, paintings, fotography, copyart, text, diary, installations, performances since 1970s. Michael has produced over 70 experimental short films and videos since 1981, four feature films. He has exhibited internationally in USA, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Finland, Poland, Brasil, Colombia, Indonesia and the Philippines, including exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art New York, Berlin Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival and many more. Founding member, oyko-film-coop and Interfilm Festival in Berlin, he also involves in the organizations of avant-garde and GLBT film events and film workshops and serves as jury members for several international film festivals. Michael has been a guest lecturer on Experimental Film and Interactive Media (e.g. at Merz Akademie Stuttgart and at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai/China). And since 2006, a professor for Film/Video at Braunschweig University of Art.

E.K.G.EXPOSITUS (die öffentlichen und die künstlerischen Medien)
E.C.G.EXPOSITUS (the broadcast and the artistic media)

101:00 Min. | 2003 | video (16mm+DigiBeta)| sound

Immanuel Kant Hospital in Neukölln, Berlin. Midnight. A patient is being admitted. TV journalists are on the spot. The beginning of a story that tells itself. And a self-portrait in broadcast and artistic media.

A Ripe Volcano (2010)15:00min
Taiki Sakpisit, Thailand
A Ripe Volcano is an allegorical revelation where Bangkok becomes a site of mental eruption of emotionally devastated land during the heights of terrors, primal fears, trauma, and the darkness of time.