Sunday Morning Project (2010)

1:00 min
Jun’ichiro ISHII, CzechRepublic

The video “sunday morning project” is an archive of my outdoor installation realized at Bretagne, France 2010. And this 1min version is re-edited in 2012. The video starts from unstable, shaking image without any explanation. The process image continues almost whole footage. You will find an image just few seconds at the last. Through this video work I have attempted to represent same impression of “the” symbol.

Silent of Two Sound (2011)

14:30 min
Rita Figueiredo, Czech Republic

A secret story is stored in a reel tape, which is unfolded by a mother to her child, inside an organic house which commands the characters. Two babies sleep while hearing the story; however, their world of dreams casts other mysteries deeper than those of our own.

Beauty Evaporates (2011)

4:00 min
June Kyu Park, USA

Beauties are found in burning and melting.
The sympathy and the respect for the analogue medium, the ritual for the farewell.

Toyokoro (2012)

14:00 min
Maki Satake, Japan

Toyokoro is my hometown. My parents’ house moved out from Toyokoro. That is why I made this work to keep our memory. I packed the time that I spent in Toyokoro, the memory of my family and my past works.

1 Black Malaysia (2012)

5:30 min
Liew Teck Leong, Malaysia

The work “One Black Malaysia #001” is the fruit of my explorations of political issues for many years, exploring political themes such as “decree”, “violence”, “corruption”, “hegemony”, “democracy”, “justice and impartiality” and other concepts. This work has three stages, including performance art, photography and new media exhibition.

Di Bawah Bintang Megertip (2010)

3:00 min
Kamal Sabran, Malaysia

Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip is a collaboration project between the musical ensemble Space Gambus Experiment with A. Samad Said, a national poet Laurette. The inspiration for this poem (as titled) was derived from unfortunate living stories that Mr. Said heard from some dancer friends. He was deeply touched by their stories and wrote this poem in 1960. The recital of the poem was recorded live featuring voice by the poet.

Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference (2012)

8.39 min
Jason Bernagozi, USA

During my residency with KLEX last January, I was struck by the contrast between my own life and the lives of the people around me during my visit to the famed “Batu Caves”. Yet I was not alone, there were other outsiders with me, we were witnesses to customs and religious practices far from our own. As outsiders, we shared our own ritual: recording our experiences as a way to reflect. By using a process that limits the image to the difference between the frames, this coming together of memory and ritual through difference searches for the significant moments of shared experience.

Zugvogel (2010)

4:13 min
Andreas Mares, Linz/ Austria

a bird crashes against my window pane. This event is the mirror of my own inner journey. where do I stand? wherever I go? how much time remains? …

Snail Trail (2012)

3:00 min
Philipp Artus, Germany

Pain is slowed down in slow motion up to the sensitivity threshold and is sold as an everyday anesthetic. We browse through ready-made catalogues of horror, instructions for use, we order attractive ideas-images; we wish to leave our bodies and become that image for a change. Watching a film, we forget about ourselves pretending not to be interested in the content; in fact, we are interested in the hypnotising, pulsating light, which is when we discover our magical and tribal conscience and repressed fear of life.

Winter Time Adventure (2012)

3:25 min
Robbert & Frank, Belgium

Drawing during winter time, exploration of paper and vocal stories. Playing. Intervention of the small and the big. Collaborating together and creating a harmony with an unexpected small visitor.

Faithfully Young (2012)

4:11 min
Alison Khor, Malaysia

Youth blossoming like flowers. Time faded like flowers. Birth is one step nearer to death. The beauty of body is because we’re nearer to disappearance. This is a documentation of youth, revealing the brutality of beauty. We meet with the body, and bid farewell to youth in light.


An untold story, like a meaningless physique. Oppressed in a city frame, amongst personal spaces that don’t exist. I am a corpse, just like you, him, her, and them. I am here, just like the others. Re-questioning daily life of a city is reconstructing visual frame. At the very least, recording and editing the visual is to recognize the signs behind visual’s natural tendency. There’s also the power of value, even institution. Returning visual’s disposition as an ambiguity is an effort to build the second spirituality of visual as “the truth” or “the lie”. From here, the true experience can be something thicker than knowledge, after in the name of modern term’s efficiency turned out to be untouchable.