Saturday, 16 November 2013 @ Petaling Street Art House


Instructor: Andra McCartney
Walking guide: Chong Keat Aun
Time: 10am-1pm
Suggested Donation: RM15
Please inquire and register to [email protected] by 15 November, 2013.

Limited to 15 participants only. Welcome anyone who is interested in leisure walking and careful listening! Not a must, but you can bring along a device to record sounds and a camera to take interesting pictures while walking. These materials can be shared later in the discussion.

This soundwalk will include a group walk, reflective discussions, and individual or small group walks throughout the historical Jalan Sultan area. Participants will be encouraged to listen evocatively, politically, sensually, and musically to the space, and to converse with others about what we hear. Rain or shine! Bring an umbrella.

Prof. Andra McCartney will utilize the sound and image materials gathered during this soundwalk to produce a short audio-visual performance at KLEX 2013 (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festiva), with collaboration with performance artist Chong Keat Aun and musician/composer Yii Kah Hoe.


TUE & WED, 19th & 20th November @ New Era University College & Multimedia University

Exclusive film workshops with festival guest Dieter Wieczorek from International Festival Signes de Nuit to meet with students at the above mentioned universities.

Artist’s Biography:


Andra McCartney is an associate professor of Communication Studies at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, where she teaches courses on sound production, research creation, and sound theory. She is a soundwalk artist, leading public walks and creating gallery installations, recordings, performances and radio works. McCartney has published articles with Organised Sound, Leonardo Music Journal, Perspectives of New Music, Musicworks, Axis Voor de Kunsten V/M, Contact!, Array, Resources for Feminist Research, and Borderlines, as well as chapters of several edited volumes, including Performing Nature, Aural Cultures, Gender and Music, Ghosts in the Machine. In 2002, she edited an issue of the journal Organised Sound on the topic of soundscape composition. In 2006, she co-edited with Dr. Ellen Waterman a special issue of Intersections Journal of Canadian Music, based on papers presented at the In and Out of the Sound Studio Conference on gender and sound technologies, which she directed at Concordia University in July 2005. Her current research project, Soundwalking Interactions, investigates the ways that people listen and engage with soundwalks and artworks made from soundwalks.