Winds Monologue (2014)

11:11 min/sound
LIEW Chee Heai, Malaysia/Japan

In Japan, I’m a farmer, often working under the strong winds. Do we forget the existence of the wind, the wind that affects all kind of objects. In this video, I want to express the relationship between the wind and I, I do not speak, just standing, lying down, let the wind tell you its story.

One Day (2013)

1:39 min/sound
POW LaiXiang, Malaysia

The short video depicts the fear of a little boy in a day.

16 x 9 Capsule (2014)

6:40 min/sound
Wuttin Chansataboot, Thailand

“16×9 Capsule” shows fragments of time and incidents taking place at particular locations around Bangkok. Camera observed different situations in various conditions, ranging from trivial moments in a ordinary day to crucial circumstances in political history of Thailand. Metaphorically, each place used as background in the video is defined as a receptacle of temporal matters, exploring a Buddhist concept saying that everything keeps rising, standing and cessation.

Radish (2013)

4:20 min/sound
Diego Ramirez, Australia/Mexico

Radish is an anthropomorphic character with a radish head –performed by the artist- that originally appeared in Ramirez’s work as a metaphorical immigrant, a dislocated creature without name, gender or citizenship, a meaningless blob. Although in the original conception of the character the artist was committed to eschewing cultural specificity, ironic connections between the figure of the radish and his cultural identity soon began to emerge. More specifically in the correlation between the fetishization of Mexican culture, primarily with the hype surrounding its cuisine, and the figure of the radish, a typical ingredient of Mexican food.

Strip Mall Nature (2013)

6:41 min/sound
David Gracon, USA

This observational documentary video seeks to find beauty and poetry in the most unlikely of places — a commercial strip mall where a flock of Canadian geese have appropriated this consumer environment as their own.

Niagara’s Fury (2013)

26:27 min/sound
Benjamin R. Taylor, Canada

Niagara’s Fury is a photographic documentary that explores the city that has grown up around the world’s most famous waterfalls. A series of intricately composed tableaux examines eerily empty monuments to tourism, entertainment and consumption. The film ponders over the confusion and absurdity of mankind’s icons and why the falls might be so furious.

Single # Double # Triple (2013)

9:00 min/Sound
Apotropia, Italy

“Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.” (Heraclitus)
“The whole is other than the sum of the parts.” (Kurt Koffka)
“The body is a unit. An integrated unit of mind, body, and spirit.” (Andrew Taylor Still)

X (2012)

6:00 min/sound
Max Hattler, UK/Germany

The unknown X becomes a whole symphony of shapes… In a kinetic energetic otherworld where everything is by itself yet can intersect with each other, cross-≠-action seems the best way to solve an unknown equation.

Banquet of Love (2014)

6:30 min/sound
Haruka Mitani & Michael Lyons, Japan

This abstract film was inspired by the occasion of filmmaker
Norman McLaren’s 100th anniversary. Insects in their final momentschatter noisily, displaying extravagant colors and patterns. It istheir great feast of love. The film was made by scratching and painting directly on 8mm film. Powder and layers of transparent lacquer were also applied, with more layers of paint, lending depth to the various colors. The soundtrack was created optically with an original system, ‘The Octopus’.

H2T (2013)

Charles-André Coderre, Canada

Shot on several types of film (16 mm and Super 8 format), ranging from handmade film emulsion to expired films, H2T takes place in the mighty Hotel2Tango Montreal recording studio. The film is a chemical composition where light meets the effervescence and creativity of the band Land of Kush (Constellation Records) during the making of their latest album, The Big Mango (2013). H2T reflects on the performative aspect specific to experimental film and musical performance.