Dear friends of KLEX, the announcement of the selected works and artists from the KLEX 2019 Open Call is here! This year, we have received 180 submissions from all over the world. The film selection committee has finally come out with 30 works to be screened at the festival in early December! To the selected artists, congratulations and we’re excited to show your works in KLEX 2019!

  1. Fisso, Raito Low Jing-Yi (Malaysia/Taiwan)
  2. *placetheearthbeneathyou, Sim Hoi-Ling & Yew Jun-Ken (Malaysia)
  3. Chinese Whisper, Chew Win-Chen (Malaysia)
  4. Beauty(fool) of Destruction, Fadly Sabran (Malaysia)
  5. Above All Liberties, Izzudin Bin Saedon (Malaysia)
  6. Foliage, Elise Shick (Malaysia)
  7. Clarabóia, Michael Lyons (Portugal/ Japan)
  8. Trasnparent, the world is, Yuri Muraoka (Japan)
  9. Unknown Archaeology, JooEun Baek (South Korea)
  10. 32-Rbit, Victor Orozco Ramirez (Germany/Mexico)
  11. Realness – Cloud and Dust, Sandrine Deumier (France)
  12. Hem City, Andrew Stiff, Thierry Bernard-Gotteland (Vietnam)
  13. Passerine in Time, Laurids Andersen Sonne (Denmark/USA)
  14. Ritorno #6, David Webber (USA)
  15. La Roue, Jean-Michel Rolland (France)
  16. The Circle of Life, Milan Zulic (Serbia)
  17. Ghost Dance, Emilia Izquierdo (UK)
  18. Blue, Ann Oren (Germany)
  19. The Stream XI, Hiroya Sakurai (Japan)
  20. Dialogue, Yuka Sato (Japan)
  21. u$aar v2.0, Sandra Araújo (Portugal)
  22. Hanoïed, Olivia Lagacé (Canada)
  23. Not (a) Part, Vicky Smith (UK)
  24. November, Merethe Offerdal Tveit (Norway)
  25. On The Border, Yoshiki Nishimura (Japan)
  26. Sleeptripping Dualogy, Joseph Chen King-Yuen (Hong Kong)
  27. Memory Void, Kun Liang (Taiwan/Germany)
  28. Surface Memory Oblivion (ver.2), Lee Jangwook (South Korea)
  29. Moon Phrases/ Solar Eclipses, Tzu-An Wu (Taiwan)
  30. Eleven Men, Nguyen Trinh Thi (Vietnam)

Congratulations, again!!