Date: 7 March, 2024
Venue: Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, New York, USA.


We are honoured to be invited to curate a video programme to be screened at the Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, a non-profit art organisation located in Buffalo, New York. Founded in 1974, Hallwalls has nurtured numerous contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds working in film, video, literature, music, performance, media and the visual arts. A big thanks to the director of web & media arts tech Tammy McGovern for facilitating this event and to all participating artists! 

“Passage of Time” is a special program from KLEX Festival, featuring cinematic works by nine female media and multidisciplinary artists from Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam. The works range from stop-motion animation, video performance, diary film/home video, to found footage and video essay, interpreting the notions of “time”, “change” and “transformation”. The artists explore subject matters such as family, history, cultural identity, generational differences, self-reflexivity, loss and grief, memory, internal vs external reality, physical vs virtual reality, literature and film language. The selection of artists consists of young adults and mature women, providing a range of perspectives and contemplations on various concerns from artists of different generations and backgrounds. (Curator: KOK Siew-Wai)


Total Run Time: 81 minutes

Lineup Order:

  1. eggshells, TEO Wei-Yinn [2023, 8:15 min, colour, sound, Malaysia]
  2. Sewing & Sew-Eng, Okui Lala [2014, 8:59 min, colour, sound, Malaysia]
  3. Language of Self, KOK Siew-Wai [2011/2014, 7:00 min, colour, sound, Malaysia]
  4. How My Brain Makes Sense of Passing Time, Chloe YAP Mun-Ee [2017, 5:41 min, b&w, sound, Malaysia]
  5. *placetheearthbeneathyou, SIM Hoi-Ling & YEW Jun-Ken, [2017, 7:05 min, colour, sound, Malaysia]
  6. Tour de Kiel, SueKi YEE [2023, 1:03 min, colour, sound, Malaysia/Germany]
  7. Blumentanz, Raito LOW Jing-Yi [2022, 5:20 mins, colour, sound, Malaysia/Taiwan]
  8. Neon no kuni/Land of Neon, NAKAZAWA Aki [2011, 5:20 min, colour, sound, Japan/Germany]
  9. WATARIDORI, NAKAZAWA Aki [2021, 5:00 min, colour, sound, Japan/Germany]
  10. Eleven Men, NGUYEN Trinh Thi [2016, 28:00 min, colour and b&w, sound, Vietnam]