It’s new year after new year these first few months of 2024! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to our Muslim friends! We welcome two international guest musicians: based in Berlin, Turi Leng Seong Agostino (electronics); and based in Taipei, Tyler Bennett (bass/electronics). Dancer Yeow Lai Chee will be performing at SPIL as a vocalist for the first time! House band members Kok Siew-Wai (voice) and Yong Yandsen (sax) will join the fun. Mark your calendar, call up your friends, and let’s meet at SPIL 086 at the @Percussion Store on Saturday (27 April)!

Date: 27th April 2024 (SAT)
Time: Doors open @ 8pm
Venue: @Percussion Store
Add: A-01-03 LG Floor, Dataran Cascades, No. 13A, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Admission by donation: RM30
For Reservation, WhatsApp: 012 919 8031
More info and musicians’ profiles:

Design: Aixin Choo
More info:
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Instagram: @klexfestival
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Founded in May 2014, SERIOUS PLAY IMPROV LAB (SPIL) is a monthly music series of KLEX Festival. It is an art laboratory focusing on music experimentation and improvisation. SPIL provides a platform for musicians from various backgrounds to collaborate and present a new collective expression through improvisation. Over the years, many local and international artists have initiated experimentations and collaborated in the SPIL series, enriching the experimental and improvised music scene in the region.


Kok Siew-Wai started out as a video artist, now active as a vocal improviser and artist-curator/organizer. She has shown her videos, curatorial video programmes, and performed in Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada and USA, including allEars Improvised Music Festival (Norway), Asian Meeting Festival (Japan), CTM Festival (Germany), Hanoi New Music Festival (Vietnam), Nusasonic, RRRec Fest (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival, amongst others. Siew-Wai is interested in improvisation and the exploration of expressions using the human voice.

Turi Leng Seong Agostino is a Berlin-based Australian musician, composer, and producer. His artistic practice embraces a wide range of influences and approaches; from his training in classical piano, to contemporary electronic music, atmospheric soundscapes, and found sound. Thematically, Agostino’s work has long been engaged with questions of heritage, identity, and the intersection of cultures. Growing up in Australia with Chinese-Malaysian and Italian roots, and having spent the last decade living and working in Germany, his identity has been a major influence on the development of his artistic perspective and sensibility. This enables him to traverse and inhabit multiple cultural spaces simultaneously, infusing his creative process with a dynamic interplay of disparate influences. Agostino is currently working on a new audio-visual project entitled ‘Leng Seong’; a collection of original works rooted in an exploration of Malaysian culture, and his own Malaysian heritage. The project’s name, ‘Leng Seong’, is taken from his own Chinese name; a reference to the influences drawn from both his cultural heritage, and his encounters with contemporary Malaysia. In particular the project will pay homage to Nyonya culture, drawing inspiration from cultural elements such as clothing, jewellery, and cuisine as well as the folktale of Sang Kancil, looking at the trickster archetype within Malaysian folklore. In 2022, Agostino released his debut album ‘Self Portraits’ at Silent Green, Berlin which featured a performance and installation developed in collaboration with artist Amy Evans. In 2023, he was composer and sound designer for the short film ‘Weaving In’ and has co-produced German Hip Hop artist Mauli’s upcoming album. More recently, Agostino performed at the International Literature Award Ceremony at HKW, Berlin and is currently working on the composition and sound design for the feature-length documentary ‘Familiar Places’.

Tyler Bennett is a bassist, sound artist and improviser. He is originally from the United States and studied Jazz performance at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. His current practice employs speaker arrangements, no-input mixing, acoustic feedback and bass guitar. Through a multimedia and cross-stylistic approach, Tyler aims to open up novel spaces for sonic dialogue and expression.

Yong Yandsen is a free jazz and improvised saxophonist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yandsen has released albums through XingWu and Herbal Records in Malaysia, Utech Records (USA), Dream Sheep (Italy), and his solo debut on vinyl through Doubtful Sound (France). He has played at allEars Improvised Music Festival (Norway), Asian Meeting Festival (Japan), Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore), amongst others. Yandsen, together with Darren Moore and Brian O’Reily, form the improvised trio called Game of Patience. They have toured Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Hungry Ghosts is his trio with European musicians Christian Meaas Svendsen and Paal Nilssen-Love and have done several tours in Asia and Europe. In 2022, the Big Foot quartet was formed with Akira Sakata, Seo Takashi and Darren Moore. Yandsen has also done several solo tours to Japan and Taiwan. He is the co-founder of a Malaysian record label, LaoBan Records, focusing on releasing contemporary improvised music.

Yeow Lai Chee started performing since 2004 as a vocalist and dancer for Malaysia musical production (Musical on Stage). Learned Butoh notation, Hijikata lineage from master Yukio Waguri and became Butoh dancer since 2009. Participated and performed a series of Butoh performances in her mother land Malaysia, and overseas. She set up her Butoh company Soubi Sha in 2012 and produced Butoh programmes and performances. She is currently a full time lecturer in TAR UMT, and obtained MA Cultural Management in Northumbria University, UK in 2015. Currently resume her performance as a vocalist.

More info:
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Instagram: @klexfestival