KLEX would like to thank again to all who have submitted works to our open call! This year, we’ve received over 350 works from around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, UK, USA and many more. The KLEX curatorial team as selected 46 works to create three KLEX screening programmes and three single-channeled video installations. KLEX would like to congratulate the following artists as their works are selected to be screened in the KLEX Open Programmes at KLEX 2015: PULSE, 25-29th November 2015, our 6th festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

*More information and festival schedule of KLEX 2015 will updated very soon! Aside from showcasing the following works from the open call, KLEX 2015 will feature five invited guest programmes from Australia, Canada, Germany, Poland and Thailand; a 16mm film workshop; and having an extraordinary international line-up for its audio-visual and music programme! Stay tuned!



Okepasela (Kotaro Tanaka, Japan)

Horizon (Stephanie Barber, USA)

Simulacrum (Jason Bernagozzi, USA)

Video Symphonia (Kentaro Taki, Japan)

Mongo (Francois Knoetze, South Africa)

24 Grid Living In Harmony Of Dust And Heat (Farhanaz Rupaidha, Indonesia)

Time Reverb Rev.2 (Wuttin Chansataboot, Thailand)

Point (Matt Abbiss, UK)

Peek-A-Boo-Two (Steve Dixon, UK)

I Love You (Daniel Watkins, USA)

Re:cycled (Jim Pomeroy, Canada)

Ecstasy of Replicate no.15 (Tsuyoshi Anzai, Japan)

Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field – Lost Control (Arnont Nongyao, Thailand)

Un Dia [One Day] (Leo Uehara, Brazil)

Run Manila Run (MV Isip/Tin Sartorio/Toph Doncillo, Philippines)

Naik 20.6 [Up 20.6] (Mohd Affendi Bin Azizan, Malaysia)

Alor Setar Pulse (Andrew Stiff, Malaysia)

Film Sound (Cesar Gananian/Alexandre Moura, Brazil)

Life Would Be Tragic If It Weren’t Funny (Jolene MOK, Iceland)

The Song of Life (Winston LIEW Kher Cheng, Malaysia)

Hail the Bodhisattva of Collected Junk (YE Mimi, Taiwan)

Let Me ASMR You (Clint Enns, Canada)

Kuchithesizer (Kezzardrix/dj sniff, Japan)

Pure Virtual Function (Péter Lichter, Hungary)

Listen (Monteith Mccollum, USA)

坏, Corrupted (Kalila Snow JAN, China/Malaysia)

I Was Five When I became A Woman (Maryam Tafakory, Iran/UK)

Cut Out (Guli Silberstein, UK)

One Person One Heart (Phoebe MAN Ching Ying, Hong Kong)

H1001_XTOUCH.Mov (Chloe YAP Mun Ee/WEE Jia Foong, Malaysia)

Keajaiban (Loong Wah, Malaysia)

32 and 4 (CHAN Hau Chun, Hong Kong/China)

Determinism (Matt Abbiss, UK)

Animation (Chris Daykin, Sri Lanka)

Brutalism (Jessica Poon, France/Italy/ USA)

370 New World (Marcantonio Lunardi, Italy)

Friedrichsfelde Ost (Milica Jovcic/Nenad Cosic, Serbia/Croatia)

Tidal Restlessness (Nikolai Nekh, Portugal)

Voyeur (LIEW Chee Heai, Japan/Malaysia)

To Face (Anupong Charoenmitr, Thailand)

Decadence of Nature (Olga Guse, Germany)

Run Water Run (SIM Hoi-ling, Malaysia)

The Stream 4 (Sakurai Hiroya, Japan)

Deforest (Grayson Cooke, Australia)

Liquefaction (Ucnv/dj sniff, Japan)

Pulse (TAN Peng Yueh, Malaysia)