“Jax Deluca (USA) & Friends”
Friday, 3rd June 2011, 8:30pm @ Indicine, KLPAC

Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival (KLEX) & Herbal International, with KLPac present

Switch ON ~ monthly electronic arts

with Jax Deluca (USA)

Sound & Video Performance

+ Local special guests

/ Mark Wong (Singapore)

/ Azzief khaliq

/ Joe Liew

/ Yong Yandsen

/ Kok Siew Wai

3rd (Fri) June 2011, 8:30pm @ Indicine, KLPAC

Entrance by Donation

Performance description:

Beneath the Willow Tree is a ethereal audio/visual project that consists of dreamlike imagery and abstract hand-painted 16mm film combined with vocal and electronically processed sounds, performed live by artist/musician, Jax Deluca. This melancholic performance acts out a symbolic interpretation of the Willow Tree, which represents healing, inner visions, and dreams – a mediation of darkness and light, fabricated with elements of natural and synthetic mediums.

Artist Bio:

Jax Deluca (b. 1982) is an artist who lives in Buffalo, NY. Her artwork takes on various forms, from stark gallery and public installations, to abstract video, film, painting and costumed public performance. She teaches workshops in strategic sound-making and is the Director of Programming at Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources.

Formal studies at the Division of Expanded Media at Alfred University culminated in The Aesthetics of Video and Sound, a self-directed major that combines music theory, religious and ethnographic studies, communications and experimental media making. Deriving concepts from the Johari Window model, recent works require audience participation to encourage a heightened sense of self-awareness and seek answers using methods of chance and contemplation. Sound performance work has varied from expressive improvisation to digitally composed, making use of vocal toning, handcrafted instruments, guitar, piano, and found objects ranging in the genres of classical, avant-garde, new folk, free improvisation, and immersive noise. Current projects include immersive drones under the name of Communication Vault and live vocal and electronic sound processing with W ((aa)) ou w, a free improvisational group.

Jax has performed at Big Orbit’s Soundlab, Kitchen Distribution, Nobody’s Art Center, Alfred University, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Rochester Contemporary, Buffalo Arts Studio, A/V Space Rochester, Music is Art Festival, The Ingenuity Festival, Infringement Festival, The Project Lodge (Madison, WI), and many DIY performance spaces across the United States. Her various musical configurations have performed alongside acts such as Jackie O’ Motherfucker, Sir Richard Bishop, Six Organs of Admittance, Elvis Perkins, Steve Baczkowski, Okervill River, Wharton Tier’s Ensemble, Parts and Labor, and Jana Hunter.

She is a strong advocate of independent artists and has been featured in The Buffalo News, Buffalo Spree, Buffalo Rising, Block Club Regional Publication, The Artery, and WBFO 88.7 Buffalo. From 2002-2004, her award-winning college radio show ‘Corporate Screws’ showcased independent music artists and featured special guest performances that were recorded and distributed in limited edition packages. In 2004, she moved to Buffalo, NY and opened Arte Brutale, an avant-garde music, art and performance space that showcased regional artists and touring musical acts on a shoestring budget. She continues to support the local Buffalo art and music scene and actively curates media arts programming for Squeaky Wheel and Beyond/In Western New York 2010, a regional biennial exhibition in conjunction with The Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Her work has been exhibited and presented internationally, including CEPA Gallery (2010), The Richmond Center Atrium Gallery at Western Michigan University (2009), ArtSpace Buffalo (2009), Smackmellon (2008), Burchfield-Penney Art Center for the Beyond/In Western NY Biennial (2007), Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (2006), Visual Studies Workshop Rochester (2006) ,Squeaky Wheel (2005), Division of Expanded Media at Alfred University (2004), The Science and Art International Digital Art Exhibition in Shanghai, China (2003), and in various film festivals in Europe and Asia. She has received a NYFA SOS Award Grant (2008), NYFA MARK program recipient (2008), and held residencies at Squeaky Wheel and The Experimental Television Center.



“AS TIME GOES BY – A Video Screening Nite”
Saturday, 5th March 2011 @ 7:30pm

Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival (KLEX) presents
“AS TIME GOES BY – A Video Screening Nite”

Featuring video works by 4 women artists Alison Khor, Au Sow Yee, Chan Seauhuvi and Kok Siew Wai

Special Guest: JacAlMap (electronic music)

Saturday, 5th March 2011 @ 7:30pm


Moontree House

No.6, 1st Floor, Jalan Panggung

50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +60-3-2031 0537

Admission: minimum 1 drink at the bar.

Contact:  [email protected] / [email protected]

This is an event of the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival (KLEX).

“当时光飞逝” 实验短片放映会


特别嘉宾: 加卡地图 (电子音乐)



No.6, 1st Floor, Jalan Panggung

50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

联络:+60-3-2031 0537

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]


Work Synopsis from Artists

Artist: AU SOW YEE

Sow Yee is an experimental film/video artist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her works span from film and video performances, single channel experimental film/video to multimedia design for contemporary theatre performances. Sow Yee is a MFA holder from the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently a lecturer in the Drama and Visuals Department, New Era College, Malaysia. Her works explore light and projected images as organic elements in space and time as well as revealing the abstract quality of every day’s life. She was awarded the Krishen Jit Astro Fund for a film performance/installation and was the 2007 Artist in Residence at Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan. Her works and film performances had shown in Malaysia, Taiwan, Italy, USA.

Video Works:

A Valentine For You (Au Sow Yee / 2003 / super 8mm transfer to video / 3 mins / color / sound)

Memory of me and a child and a family in a foreign country.

Blushes of Memory (Au Sow Yee / 2003 /super 8mm transfer to video / 10 mins / color / sound)

A floating gaze of a distant city.

Passing II (Au Sow Yee / 2009 / video / 6 mins / color / sound)

Moving in city, as if chasing the speed of light but was eventually pulled back onto the earth.

Ruins 1 (Au Sow Yee / 2010 / video / 5 mins / color / sound)

The lightning speed of forgetting.

Artist: Alison Khor

Born in Taiping, Perak. Alison used to be a part-time singer and production assistant. She graduated from New Era College Drama and Visuals Department and is currently a member of Pentas Project. Alison expands her creativity in sound and video. Her experimental video 24/7 was shown in various experimental film festivals in Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia,Korea and Taiwan. She is also a member of JacAl Map, an experimental music duo and performed in various cross-disciplinary art projects.

24/7 (Alison Khor Hooi Shan/ 2008 / video / 3 mins/ color / sound)

Life of a woman from morning till night, the same thing repeats, as if trapped in her own live circle. (Au Sow-Yee)

在我記憶中不曾出現的事When the Time Without my Memories (Alison Khor / 2010 / video / 5 mins / color / sound)

For my parents. A time that never occurs in my memory but were their most precious moments in life. (Alison K.)

Artist: Chan Seauhuvi

1997- graduated from Kuala Lumpur Centre of Art, Malaysia.

2004- graduated from L’école Superièure d’art d’Aix en Provence, France.

2 exercises to feel my existence

Today is my birthday. I am 35 years old and I feel hopeless…

Nature Morte

The cat left home on that day…


Siew-wai Kok works with video art, sound and voice improvisation. She received her B.A. at SUNY Buffalo and her M.F.A. at Alfred University, USA.  During her 7-year stay in the States, she had studied with art luminaries such as Pauline Oliveros and Tony Conrad, who had introduced her to a whole “new world” in the arts. Siew-wai has exhibited locally and internationally in USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan and more. Siew-wai is the co-founder of artists collective Studio in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (SiCKL), co-director of the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival (KLEX) and co-director of the Sama-sama Guesthouse Mini Alternative Art Festival 2009. She is currently teaching at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.

The Breath of Time (2005) 13:00 min/color/sound

This is a musical video inspired by the lost industry in Buffalo, New York, specifically an abandoned grain elevator where some musicians have started to make impromptu music at the site.  The structure and the unpretentious quality of the place have unexpectedly revealed the most intimate and spiritual sounds.

In Solitude, a Camera-eye (2006) 04:15 min/color/sound

“It is already dark.  The street in an American suburb is quiet.  Only a homeless man is not inside and he asks the camerawoman for $.55.  Apart from that there is only a specially observed atmosphere.  In the second part, Malaysian palm trees stand in the darkness.  Far away, fireworks go off.” (written by Gertjan Zuilho)

“Sight & Sound” – a live video + improvised music performance night
Friday, 18 Feb 2011 @ 8:30pm

Switch On and KLEX (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival) presents

“Sight & Sound” – a live video + improvised music performance night

Date & Time: 18 Feb 2011, 8:30pm

Venue: IndieCine, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC)

Jalan Strachan, Sentul, 51100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: [email protected] / [email protected]


Line-up of the Night:

Kuning Pening is the crazy frontman of the band Think! Tadpole! Think! He has gained notoriety for staging acts of musical sabotage in various gigs and events in KL and PJ. He is known for his stage antics and improvising free-associative beat poetry over electronic music.

Yandsen Yong plays the saxophones and is notable for his howling sounds and intense energy. He plays mostly as an improvised musician. Yandsen has performed in the Mosaic Festival Singapore 2009, Choppa Eclectic Improvised Music Festival 2008 (Singapore), Notthatbalai Alternative Art Festival 2007, among others.

Au Sow Yee Graduated from San Francisco Art Institute, Sow Yee is currently a lecturer of New Era College Drama and Visuals Department, the programming director of Pentas Project Theatre Production and the curator for KLEX (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival). She explores light and visual imageries as an organic element in time and space. Her work span from performative cinema, experimental film/video to multimedia design for theatre performance. Her works has shown in Japan, Korea, USA, Italy, Taiwan and many more.

JacAl Map

Established in 2007, JacAl Map is an experimental music duo consists of Jack and Alison. Jack is a sound engineer and musician. He specialize in the expansion of techniques and sound design, while has a great interest in playing music. He looks for every possibility in creating sound and music. Alison graduated from New Era College Drama and Visuals Department. She used to be a part time singer and specialize in visuals design and interpreting sound. She is currently a member of Pentas Project Theatre Production and had participated in various theatre and music performance. Although Jack and Alison each possess different talents in sound and music, but they both hope to experiment on the ever flowing sound. Works by JacAl are in a broad range, from ambient, down tempo and psychedelic electronic music to experimental live sound performance etc. JacAl extracted elements from images, spaces etc in daily lives, and attempt to create sound that combines reality and imagination through low technology.

Reflex Reactions is an improvised duo by Yong Yandsen and Kok Siew Wai.  Yandsen plays the saxophones, clarinet and flute.  Siew Wai does the vocals.  The duo creates improvised musical conversations through attentive listening and interactions with each other.

Ray: Ray is an animator and cartoonist based in Batu Caves and Petaling Jaya.