Tuesday, 20th November 2012 @ Rimbun Dahan
Time: 11am – 8pm


Open to public.
Anyone with an interest and curiosity is welcome!
RM50 for a full-day workshop.
Limited to 10 people only. Register by 10 November to: [email protected]

Australian experimental filmmaker Richard Tuohy will take us on a crash course in working with 16mm film. We’ll start with exploring the Bolex 16mm camera and learn about loading the film, exposure, focus and shooting, as well as a few ‘in-camera’ experimental photographic tricks.

Next, we’ll process that film as a black-and-white negative in a LOMO spiral processing tank – the perfect tank for home use. After this, the negative will be dried, and then we’ll look at ways of making a d.i.y. positive print from the original negative, including using the Bolex as a contact printer. This print will then itself be processed in the LOMO, dried then we’ll learn about film projection while we watch our work!

A full day work.
Don’t wear your best clothes as there will be chemistry involved.

Come work with 16mm film and have fun!

*There’ll be one Bolex camera to share. But if you have one, please bring along!
*It’s possible to arrange car-pooling from KL to Rimbun Dahan. Please write to us if you’re interested.


Rimbun Dahan
Km. 27 Jalan Kuang,
Kuang, 48050 Selangor, Malaysia.