Cassette (2011)

Péter Lichter, Hungary

Our last class-trip was at the end of sixth grade in April 1997.
After this we did not see each other for years. One of us took a dictaphone with himself on this trip. Recently we have come across the recording by chance.

Flow (2011)

Chew Win Chen, Malaysia

Humans leave traces throughout their life. The surroundings are often neglected and swept away by the waves of modernization. All footage and audio in this video are recorded at Kampung Sungai Batu, Kedah, Malaysia.

The Practice of Seeing the Self (2011)

Soyeon Jung, Korea/USA

The Practice of Seeing the Self is a voyeuristic viewing of the self. In the video, the identification of “the Red Car” stands in for the narrator, who is simultaneously present and absent in two places. Messages recovered from the voice mail of a mobile phone are set against an image of a street scene, surveilled remotely through the gaze of a home security camera. In the inability of these modern methods of monitoring to definitively locate “the Red Car,” it becomes the absent presence of an abstract, in‐between space constructed by technology and geography.

Night Walk (2011)

Debora Bernagozzi, USA

Bernagozzi recorded a walk at night through a village in rural New York. With intense image processing, uneventful spaces in the journey disappear while other moments happen repeatedly, rupturing time, synthesizing into something new. Jitter was used to split the video into 4 copies playing at different speeds controlled through oscillators. Repeating this process multiple times, feeding the 4 layer footage back through the system and adjusting colors, the number of layers increased exponentially. Night Walk 4 contains 256 layers.

Remains (Omakage) (2010)

Maki Satake, Japan

My grandfather who was a photographer died about ten years ago. He left many forgotten photographs when I was a child.

The Impossibility of Knowing (2010)

Tan Pin Pin. Singapore

The Impossibility of Knowing was born out of the humble realisation that there is no way one can know everything significant about Singapore. The documentary visits and films locations where crimes or accidents have taken place, long after the events have happened to find out if these places can transcend time toengender their own significance. They cannot. These places only have meaning is so far that they have meaning in relation to individuals or communities. And meaning has to be teased out with research and further questioning. Moreover, one locale can bear infinite shades of meaning for different people.

Of a Feather (2011)

Rob Yeo, USA

Of a Feather is a lyrical portrait of the vibrant force of life, filmed during the course of a year in a major North American wetland. My son loves birdwatching and I share his interest. On many mornings, he and I travelled to Horicon Marsh, in Wisconsin, to see and hear the birds as they migrated through the region. I brought my 16mm camera and continued to film and record sound for the next year. Of a Feather is a record of that time and my impression of the life cycle of this remarkable natural environment.

Paper Memories (2010)

Theo Putzu, Spain

An Old man search for happiness in old photos…. two worlds divided by the inability to dream…

Inventory (2010)

Patricia Francisco, Brazil

The film director herself chooses and shows twelve of the everyday objects owned by her dead grandmother in order to make an inventory request.