2013 KLEX Open Programmes: Metamorphosis


Ancient myths predicted a closure of some sort to our human stories at a point in time not too long ago. We know only so much. Nature is beyond our imaginations. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? And is there a tomorrow?

Some have decided to wind down, stay still for a while, be quiet, and watch. A seemingly static state of observation with intense concentration actually generates massive energy internally. The mixture of excitement, anxiety, joy, fear, desire, and despair – all merge into one another like boiling water. Reality formed, deformed and reformed, overturned itself. Reality appears in a flash while hallucination keeps knocking on the door. The agitated heart yearns for the good old days, and at the same time naively anticipates a utopia in the near future. The quiet mind simply watches. To capture with its own eyes, ears, organs and every bit of skins what is to come. To witness the reality and this very act of witnessing.

And then, it happens!

… …

Now, here we are. You and me. All of us.

And this is tomorrow.

It is indeed, a brand new day.

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KLEX Programme III: GAZE