Slick Horsing (2010)

Kiron Hussain, UK

A fragmented allegory. A portrait — one woman kindling her photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Cracked (2011)

Angelica Piedrahita, Colombia

The conflictive forces between control and liberation form cracks. Although, what is control? Why are we afraid to loose it? What is liberation? Why is so seductive? The video explores the tension moments of objects loosing its stability. Depicting explosion of repressed immobile stages and its liberation through breakdowns.

Re-Banho (Wash-Herd) (2010)

Tales Frey, Portugal

The original name of this work is “Re-banho” (Portuguese), which means “wash again”. It also means “herd”. Two ideas in one word. Nietzche said that the “morality in Europe today is herd animal morality”. Nietsche’s words continue to reverberate. This work expresses how the christian morality creates shame and guilt over freedom of the subject. This action is performed by six people who wash their bodies in front of a church. The bodies are not revealed. Everyone washes his/her own body while clothed.

Vacuum (2011)

Kuo Hsin Hui, Taiwan

“VACUUM” is an absentminded description of a common anxiety within contemporary mindscape. This idea is expressed through the digital manipulation of a “FAKE” swing image movement: copy, reverse.The author creates a sequence from point A to point B in an arc movement, lets the camera shoot toward the fulcrum (the viewing platform itself) to start an observation. Then, this is joined with the same sequence in reverse, so the motion become A-B-A. The content goes from the starting point to the origin, and time keeps going.This composition is repeated 24 times, the whole process could be imagined as a time history of a day.

Techno Tools (2011)

Jean-Michel Rolland, France

Confrontation of the movements and sounds of six tools (saw, drill, hammer, chisel, sand paper and stapler). The absence of any message or any desire of narration gives free rein to purely plastic and auditory experiment based on collage and

Cielo (2010)

Diego Castillo Brieva, Colombia

“Cielo”, is the latest in a series of three videos called “En tránsito” that took place during a period of time where every situation, required an embodied and emotional displacement. This series refers to phenomenologicals situations where we encounter events that deserve to be remembered.

I’m going to make a cake (2010)

Chan Seauhuvi, Malaysia

“However, sadness is part of human nature. To let it go… that’s not a bad thing.” (Szymborska)

Wickate (2011)

Niralji Ravishanker, Malaysia

“Wickate” is a short about a family of three having fish for dinner with their pet fish watching them eat. Soon things start to be out of the norm as plot line builds to a chaotic atmosphere. Completed as a black and white color visual, this project aims to tackle the film noir atmosphere incorporating the look and feel of an old film with the blend of some contemporary editing techniques.

Workout (2011)

Tina Willgren, Sweden

I believe that every object possesses certain power. Not in a strictly superstitious way, but in how they guide our thoughts into different directions. Training clothes evoke the concept of exercise. Their empty forms are ghostly reminiscences of human beings. The leftover training clothes of this video are working out.