• Single-Channel Video Installation

Orange (2013)

3:20 min/sound
Cristina Pavesi, Italy

Three minutes of fortuity and stability testing. This is the first time I played with mandarin, oranges and cups.

And Cigarettes (2011)

5:49 min/silent
Alwin Lay, Germany

…the filling up of time, waiting or wasting perhaps. It is in these in-between moments, this kind of non-time, suspended, looped and dilated, that the works of Alwin Lay variously operate. A cigarette burns endlessly as a coffee pot bubbles over; Time, in these works and others, is no longer governed by the laws of physics which, due to entropy, has directionality. (G. Leddington)
*From “Looking At The Big Sky” German video art programme curated by Renate Buschmann, Stiftung imai, Düsseldorf.

Hohenpeissenberg (2011)

2:30 min/sound
Fabian Driehorst ,Germany

A double projection shows a burning car in front of an Alpine panorama. The viewer soon notices that one of the scenes is
being played backwards. The violence of destruction clashes with the sensation of regeneration, culminating in a final magical moment in which the mutually contrary cycles begin anew.
*From “Looking At The Big Sky” German video art programme curated by Renate Buschmann, Stiftung imai, Düsseldorf.

Magical Garden (2012)

2:25 min/sound
Sandrine Deumier & Alx P.op, France

MagicalGarden talk about illusion and pseudo-virtual realities applicable to the feelings. In the symbolic space of the ideal garden, understood as Utopian space, and place ideally carrier of all the fantastical skids of the reality, the hyper-individuality is duplicated in double ideal – the clone-lover becoming the syndrome of this utopia of the soul mate, treated under a genetic mode.

This is my City (2014)

7:55 min/sound
YEUNG Yuk Wai, Hong Kong

Fast trains, bright lights, and people waiting in the dawnSqueezing in, pushing out, leaving the empty platformDay after day, night after night, where does our body belong?How much we’ve missed to keep this city goes on? Breathing in, breathing out. For the first time, I feel myself in the hustle and bustle of the city.

The One of My Chinese Dreams

2:30 min/sound
Rui Wang, China

“The One Of My Chinese Dreams” origins from my reading and experience on incidents from daily life around me. “Square Dancing” is a fitness exercise popular among mid-age and senior ladies in current China. Whenever I saw the expressions overflow on their faces, the swings to music by all parts of their bodies, I feel funny and ridiculous. This Chinese-characteristic fitness performs regularly everyday on squares, with all passengers attentions. For me, it is more like a situation comedy.

E215 (2013)

3:09 min/sound
Scott Willis, UK

E215. is a meditative insight into my gran mother as she reflects on her old age. The film is experimental highlighting that beauty can still be obtained from unlikely places. An optimistic perspective on ageing and a collaboration between young and old.