Malaysian Students Works

This short student program consists of 7 short videos/animations done by students of the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) at Multimedia University, and of the Drama & Visuals Department at New Era College. The short and sweet four stop-motion animations Butterfly, Death, Heli & Jet and Morning Sickness were done by FCM students in their first year. This is the time where they strengthen their grasp in story design and implement animation principles into their work. All four works were done with a stop-motion technique, which is quite a challenging and tedious task for the juniors. Video Flow is like a serene still picture of nature and when you stare at it long enough, it starts to move. While Flow seems to stretch time and have a meditative quality, Time Disorder uses elliptical editing to condense time, and in a non-linear fashion. Wickate, is a final year student project where more complicated filmmaking techniques are being explored. It adapts the style of classical noir and has an expressionist approach in aesthetics and storytelling.

Time Disorder – Thian Siew Kim
3:14 min | 2011

Flow – Chew Win Chen
3:13 min | 2011

Wickate – Niralji
8:30 min | 2011

Morning Sickness – Aizat
0:50 min

Death – Behrooz
0:50 min | 2010

Butterfly – Maryam
0:50 min | 2010

Heli & Jet – Shareez Azrai
0:50 min | 2010

(Curated by Azman Zulkiply & Kok Siew Wai)