Nogomet / Football (2011)

14.45 min
Ana Husman, Croatia

Mexico City. Two squads. Us and them. Playing 51st minute. 1:0

Hanger (2012)

12.30 min
Charlotte Lim, Malaysia

A woman who is in love, believes that after she dies, she will exist in this universe, in another form of being. The relation between a beautiful object and human is imagination.

Camp (2012)

7:15 min
Peter Freund, USA

Two narrators, one speaking Mandarin and the other Arabic, mix original commentary with venerated statements on the political and theatrical senses of the word “camp.” Without diminishing the horror of the Holocaust, the film points to unexpected convergences between the figure of the concentration camp and campy aesthetics. The piece suggests the role of fantasy in traumatic historical memory and the ethical root of flamboyant enjoyment.

Visual Element (2012)

29:58 min
Wuttin Chansataboot , Thailand

“Visual Element” is a surreal shortfilm portraying an ironic reflection of individuals’ identity loss in materialistic society. The film depicts a story of Chin, an artist who works for Mr.A, an art dealer. The painter has a weird hobby. He has been trying to assemble a full body of human
from burnt organs that he has gathered from different places. With a white head he has just collected, his goal is eventually achieved. The body then become alive as a grayscale figure of a man.