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Congratulations to the selected video artists & filmmakers of KLEX 2018 Open Programme! This year, we received 185 submissions from around the world, including works from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. It is very interesting to see the works from many different regions! Thank you very much to all submitted artists, from all around the world! The selection process was challenging but our curatorial team had finally came to a collective decision on the 31 finalists! Here is the list of works that’ll be showing at the 9th edition of this fascinating little festival in Kuala Lumpur on 23-25 November, 2018!


Nasi Lemak Hipster (Mizen Jebat & Hadrat Radi, Malaysia)

GARISWAQT (Tsa Meera & Talha KK, Malaysia)

Keroncong Kuala Lumpur II (Low Pey Sien, Malaysia)

Plaza Rakyat (Ong Sau Kai, Malaysia)

Loving in the Rain (Song Yong Fong & Poh Hui Hui, Malaysia)

Window (Ng Seow Mun & Liew Jing Ying, Malaysia)

Taken from The Water (Matthew Sansom, Malaysia/UK)

Too Tame! (Rebecca Bloecher, Germany)

Stakra (Sara Bonaventura w Annamaria Aimone, USA/Singapore)

3 Peonies (Stephanie Barber, USA)

Reminiscences (Maki Stake, Japan)

Film Loop 34: Ryoanji (Michael Lyons, Japan)

Sub Terrae (Nayra Sanz Fuentes, Spain)

XCTRY (Bill Brown, USA)

Bring Them Back Alive (Bryony Dunne, Ireland/Egypt)

Camouflage (Yuka Sato, Japan)

Hem Walk 004 (Andrew Stiff & Junya Nishimura, Vietnam)

BOOKANIMA: Martial Arts (Shon Kim, South Korea/USA)

La Mesa (Adrian Garcia Gomez, USA)

Departure (Kongkee/Nine Monkeys Workshops/Zcratch, Hong Kong)

Resettlement Memory (Lee Kwok-wai, Hong Kong)

The Soul Caresser (Nevazende) (Abdullah Harun Ilhan, Turkey/Iran)

Among the Broken Furniture (Ye Mimi, Taiwan)

Sphere (Eyelet Carmi & Meira Heiman, Israel)

Los Elefantes de Escipion (Scipio’s Elephants) (David Pantaleon & Pilar Aldea, Spain)

Destination Nowhere (Prapat Jiwarangsan, Thailand)

Surface Connection (MonicaDuncan/Senem Pirier, USA)

Wishing Well (Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany)

Blue Cigarette (Ricardo Vieira Lisboa, Portugal)

Kasihan (Muhammad Reza, Indonesia)

The Golden Birdcage (Ieong Kun Ieng, Macao/China)


Once again, congratulations!!!