KLEX is happy to host a solo stop-motion animation screening by Malaysian animated filmmaker, Raito Low Jing Yi. Raito will present the programme in person, and engage with the audience in the Q&A session that follows the screening. Raito’s work presents a comprehensive stop-motion process and research of nature, using plants and natural landscapes to create a personal visual vocabulary with a feminine touch. We first discovered Raito’s work “Fisso” in the KLEX Open Programme at the KLEX 2019 festival. We are delighted to see her work grow and progress over the years. It’s great getting together to watch her enchanting animation and have a chat! Mark your calendar and come join us for this wonderful event!

Date: 18th May 2024 (SAT)
Time: Doors open @ 8pm
Venue: @Khatulistiwa 赤道
Add: 3/F, B-2-36 Dataran Cascades, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Admission by donation: RM20
For Reservation, WhatsApp: 012 919 8031
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/329788243186628/
Raito’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/raitomotion/
Raito’s FB: https://www.facebook.com/Raito.Art/

More info:
[email protected]
Instagram: @klexfestival
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Founded in January 2015, ExScreen is a film screening series of KLEX aiming at introducing cinema works with an alternative, experimental and unconventional approach to a larger audience in Malaysia. ExScreen aims to provide a platform for appreciation, understanding, and discussion of experimental cinema.


Raito Low Jing-Yi is an animation director from Malaysia based in Taiwan. Specializing in stop-motion animation, currently studying at NTUA MAA master’s program. Adhering to the spirit of experimental animation, using plants as the incarnations of females, she finds the similarities between women and plants and creates a personal visual vocabulary that combines feminism and nature. Personally directed work including <Fisso> <Blüte> <Blumentanz> and has been shortlisted in more than 100 film festivals.


Total Run Time: 50 minutes

Fissio (8:45min)
Camera and negatives are seen as a medium to preserve memories in a way that the time will stay still forever at the moment the photos are taken. Fisso (2018) portrays a family in which the camera plays a significant role. The photos the family members take give out a picture of the scattered family and how their life changes as days pass on, and, most importantly, tells the story of how they mend their relationships.

Frauen-Liebe: Blumentanz (9:57min)
This animation trilogy created using more than one hundred plants. Set to selected music from the opus of the German romantic composer Schumann, the germination of seeds, growth of stems and leaves, flowering, and fruiting, evoke the journey of a woman falling in love, giving the exhibition a rich and delicate emotional feel.

Taiwan’s Nature (2:04min)
Taking the nature of Taiwan as the theme of the film, starting from the seeds of liquidambar on the mountain, from Taiwanese red quinoa to wheat straw chrysanthemum, it is like the colorful spectrum of the spring earth advancing layer by layer; the waterfall-like five-knuckle seeds imitate the turbulent waves and the endless stream, flowing into the fields to grow a field. A golden harvest of crops; fresh oysters, clams, and sea melon seeds collide with each other and make a crisp and sweet sound, imitating the sparkling sea level… Using local media collected in Taiwan, I try to recreate Taiwan’s mountain scenery and landscape. , the original appearance of the natural texture of the seascape.

Tanatanetek (5:43min)
Stones are existences full of possibilities in nature, from sand to mountains, flowing on the land and embracing everything in the world. The Amis people have a profound connection with the land, guarding it for generations and living in harmony with it. The appearance of the stone is full of possibilities, and remains the same regardless of wind and rain, just like the Amis people’s unswerving heart to defend their culture and land, closely and united together.Using stop-motion animation as a technique, the rich landscape ecology of Makotaay used as the protagonist, the similarity and changeable shapes of the stones are used to place them on the timeline one by one. You will find that each stone is so unique. Full of vitality, just like every member of the Amis tribe, they are an indispensable part of this big family.Let us re-understand stones from another angle and re-understand the firm but soft hearts of the Amis.

Like Water, We Flow (4:38min)
Script by Ma Li
The stones always existed under our feet, various and silent, using stop motion placed on the time sequence in a pure and gentle way, becoming a surreal existence. Slow down and listen to the stories and secrets told by the stones, the secrets from the universe, flowing gracefully like water.

Receiving Happiness (6:04min)
Receiving Happiness is a common handwritten greeting used at the beginning of letters, expressing longing, care, and blessings for the recipient. On Matsu Island, people record the lives, thoughts, and emotions of residents and servicemen through handwritten letters. This letter-writing culture holds not only historical significance but also adds to the island’s unique charm.

Anthropocene (10:43min)
By Yun-Sian Huang & Raito Low
This animation is a gentle reminder to human beings.
Is the nourishment of nature something we should take for granted?
Do we often ignore the most basic questions?
The continuous turmoil in the world in recent years makes us sad and prompts us to reflect!
Can we calm down and think about it seriously?