Translucence has issues with clarity. The eye exerts to see clearly as clarity is definable. The comfort lies in the definition, in the endeavour to identify. A translucent facade or a trans-imagery allows a certain amount of light, but clarity was never the goal. The image then, becomes an essence of exactitude. A remnant of a definition.

Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival (KLEX) is an artists and volunteer-run, grassroots international festival of experimental cinema and music. Now in its 9th edition, KLEX 2018, takes place from November 22-25 with the theme of Translucence. The festival includes KLEX Open Programs, International Guest Programs, Artist Talks, and Music Performances. This year, the festival’s events will take place at RAW Art Space, Checkmate Creative and Live Fact, all run independently by artists and art enthusiasts. The festival is made possible with the gracious support from Goethe-Institut Malaysia, for its eighth consecutive year.

KLEX 2018 has received over 185 submissions via its open call, from Malaysia and around the world, including Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Macao, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA, and Vietnam. The curatorial committee has selected 31 experimental shorts from the wide range of open call submissions to create three KLEX Open Programmes. A mini video installation work by Thai media artist, Wuttin Chansataboot entitled The Alchemy #01: A Yellow Ellipse in a Red Square will also be presented at the festival. This work explores how digital media and means of mass communication could possibly form a new perception of reality.

KLEX 2018 will showcase three guest programmes from Germany, Singapore, and the Philippines. KLEX is honoured to present the Short Export German short film programme – a collective project by Goethe-Institut Lyon, Kurzfilm festival Clermont-Ferrand, AG Kurzfilm – Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm, German Films, and KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg. Veteran film programmer of Singapore International Film Festival, Low Zu Boon, has been invited to present a Singaporean shorts programme. We will also feature a Filippino shorts pro-gramme curated by Franchesca Casauay, co-founder of Manila-based female-curated media art platform, HERESY. Low and Casauay will present their programmes in-person.

This year, we have an amazing line-up of 37 local and international musicians and per-formers, including legendary Japanese psychedelic rock band Acid Mother Temple, improvisers Nicola Hein (Germany), Dirk Stromberg (US), Game of Patience (Malaysia/Australia/USA), Ali Fyffe (Australia), Arma-Agharta (Lithuania), Paolo Gàiba Riva (Italy), Viola Yip (Hong Kong), Joee & I (Philippines), Rodrigo Parejo (Spain), Max Riefer (Germany/Malaysia); Cheryl Ong, Dharma and Yuen Chee Wai (Singapore); Bei San Q Nan, Dino, Hsueh Yung-Chih, Jared Xu and Liu Fangyi (Taiwan); and our very own Bohr, Goh Yen-Lin, Kok Siew-Wai, Mampos, Ping Wei, Tsa Meera, Yii Kah Hoe and Yong Yandsen.

Thai media artist, Wuttin Chansataboot will give an artist’s talk on his art practice, merging art and technology, alongside co-founders of HERESY, Franchesca Casauay and Joee Mejias where the duo will share their inspirations and experiences of running HERESY, the female-curated media art platform in Manila.

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