Date & Time: Friday, 20 April, Monday, 8pm
Venue: FINDARS, No. 8, 4th Floor, Jalan Panggong, 50000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Admission by Suggested Donation: RM20

Teng Sou Wong: bass
Farez Jinnah: bass & minisynth
Gnurr.: guitar & electronics
Ronnie Khoo: keytar
Gh Teh: guitar & violin
Mysterious guest: surprise!!!

TENG SAU WONG is a full-time photographer and is best known as the bassist of local instrumental band NAO. Having toured with the band in several countries over the last few years, Teng believes that music could become a source of inspiration and eventually shape him into an exceptional character. He aspires to share his ideas and sentiments through music.

FAREZ JINNAH played the bass for E, Amid the Mimic and since its inception, plays with The Maharajah Commission. Classically trained for 2 years before learning there was more to life than institution, he now does as he pleases, which includes stealing your girlfriend when you leave to use the washroom and tricking up his bass. All that has been learnt, unlearnt. All that is known, unknown. All that is heard, unheard. Namaste!

BRENDAN TEH: Born out of boredom and the need to have something to call his own… Gnurr is a side project by Free Deserters (TiC / Like Silver) guitarist, BRENDAN TEH. He aims to perform electronic / ambient based sets without the aid of laptops and is against the culture of “pressing play”…

RONNIE KHOO does not think of himself as a musician. He regards himself an explorer of the medium of music and sound, to varying degrees of artistic success, mass acceptance and infamy. People who have only known him recently might have no idea what he ever accomplished, which is fine. Also, he prefers if someone else wrote his bio.

BEE ZHAI is a local musician who plays the guitar and violin.

MYSTERIOUS GUEST: The guest is mysterious.